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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams


Who We Are


Who We Are

International Global Network (IGN) is an organization engaged in youth development programs. Established with the aim of bringing together youth across the globe to cooperate with each other in business, technical, cultural and social movements, IGN has consistently put effort to arrange various programs for them to meet the needs of today’s society. Moreover, in enforcing the vision of “Connecting Youth Leaders to the World”, IGN...

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What We Do

What They Said

“I’m so blessed that I’ve been part of AYIMUN 2019. I’m ready to respond to our challenges of fostering collaboration with other young future leaders from across the country especially ASEAN countries towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals and to resolve the global issues that facing by fellow countries”

Earl Eugene Castro - Philippines

"From this conference, I’ve learned a lot about the greenhouse gasses effect and how the world is affected by climate change. I also learned to give the best solution in the committee. So, I suggest that all countries around the world have the passion to solve all the global problems that we are having right now. Because at the end the day, it's not only one country, but it's a fight of all. Come and join AWMUN, and you will be able to learn more and enhance your skills."

Basane Simango - South Africa

“GGMUN gave the best start of 2019! At every moment of the conference, I found myself different and it motivated me to grow. From the professional simulation, the city tours, to the night of the closing ceremony, every memory carried a memorable moment. At GGMUN,, I also found the other side of me, and I found myself in the future”.


“The first thing I can explain about BAIMUN is absolutely worth to try. It’s been a pleasure for me to be part of BAIMUN. I had an amazing experience when joining the BAIMUN I. It’s been my first MUN conference. Not only getting the benefit of the MUN itself such as the improvement of public speaking, negotiation, critical thinking, met a lot of great young future leaders around the globe. But also build a friendship, sharing cultures, promoting and learning about the differences which make us beautiful in the diversity and many more that would be memorable for you. The committees, Chairs, and all of the delegates could bring positive vibes through the event. This is not only the international conference, but this is the perfect place for you to improve and challenge yourself. Don’t be hesitate to be part of BAIMUN!”

Indra - Indonesia

"I got a lot of unforgettable moments and experiences. I got a chance to meet new people across the globe which made me see the world (wisely)! Youtex 2018 has opened the doors for me to see my future"

Parizal Hidayatullah - Indonesia

Alumni Stories

Rabin Canuzo - Philippines

Mister Earth Philippines Title Holder Year 2019-2020

Philippines Rabin Canuzo was just your ordinary graphic artist, he lives and work beside Lake Taal in Batangas, Philippines. He has always been close to nature and it…..

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