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For Us, IGN Is More Than Youth-Focused Program Creator

Have you ever created something without a purpose? Even a paper craft you create while you feel bored have a purpose. You create it to snap your boredom away.

Everything in this world must have a purpose of creation. It could be anything, for something bad, or for something good. So does IGN. we crafted this community to give you inclusive access to the world, to let you have the first step to enter the global world.

Speaking of having the first step to enter the global world, it’s no surprise that everyone will face many challenges. It could be not having information about the country and making you clueless about what to do and where to go. Another reason could be language and cultural barrier that bring discomfort for you. Or maybe you’re too shy to communicate with locals so that you earn nothing regarding differences of point of view and thoughts. Those challenges are faced by the majority of youth around the world, especially in Asia.

Today, let me tell you a story about an Asian youth who want to beat those challenges. His name is Fahri. He was only 23 when he decided to take the first step to the world. He decided to go to singapore to attend a startup competition back in 2015.

He went there with a lot of questions to answer in his mind: “How’s the ambiance of international program?”, “Can I connect with the best youth of the program?”, “Is it possible to form the same mission between different race and culture?”, “what do foreigners think about my country?”, etc.

As he experienced the program, he found the answers one by one. He was amazed by how an international program like that could bring a lot of benefits to him. It has opened his mind more than before, he began to accept differences of culture, point of view, and thoughts.

He was determined to make the other young people feel the same excitement and benefits, but he didn’t know how to realize it well. One day, he met someone he respected, Ayu May. He told her about his dream of life, his mission to connect youth to the world, to make them be able to take the first step to the world.

You might be able to guess what her response was. “Why don’t we make an international program too? I think it’s the best way to connect youth from various countries”

That simple advice became the start of everything, the start of International Global Network.

Delegates of Asia Youth International Model United Nations in Putrajaya, Malaysia

From one international program to another, we finally can connect youth around the world. In 2016, we started with Youtex, Youth Excursion which focus on entrepreneurship and education. In 2017, we came with Sasambo, a camp based program for young people who concern towards nature, we call them greeneration. 2017 also became our bigger step to connect youth from various countries, we launched a program called AYIMUN (Asia Youth International Model United Nations) and until today our MUN program has become the most exciting platform for self development. We bring various MUN with specific theme for each, you’ll find about them on our next article.

Starting from a team of seven, we grew into a team with huge number of members. We were happy enough to provide international programs for those who will become future leaders. But, there was an event that made us stop and think.

One of our MUN’s delegates came to our program with one way ticket only. We asked the reason why and his answer shocked us.

“I come here not for developing myself only, I need to bring a real solution to my community. I believe this MUN is the right platform for me to discuss with the best talent and generate the solution we need. I’ll surely manage how to get back to my home country”

After hearing that, we decided to revise our mission. We need to bring something more than programs to connect youth leader to the world, we need to bring something bigger, something that can develop soft skills for youth as well as give them insight to bring impact into their community.

Next Chapter of IGN

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”

Right now, we’re working hard to bring the new IGN. We want to transform IGN into something called Youth Development Platform. Besides coming to our international programs, we want you to grow together with us.

In order to realize that kind of platform, we’ve designed a curriculum for youth. Here is a sneak peak of that curriculum:

We’ll start with everything you need for developing yourself, for making the best version of you. We’ll bring you the best resource for strengthening personal values, guiding you to make life plan, and learning skills you need in the 21st century.

After that, we’ll share important things about how to give the best impact for your communities, starting from your family and neighborhood since they’re the most important support system. Besides, there will be some hacks to find your own mastermind circle. What is mastermind, anyway? Stay tuned to our next contents.

Furthermore, we’re always ready to connect you with youth who create impacts around the world. We’ll gladly connect you to them so that you can get real insight for making your own impact in your community.

It’s not impossible for us to also provide you a consultation service from experts. We’re preparing anything for supporting your way to improve your skill, determine your future, and to give real impact to your community.

This is a beginning of our dream of life. We want to inspire you to give real impact to the world, and by that, we want the others to be inspired by your act.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

—John Quincy Adams

We have one request. Please support this new beginning by following our social media and share this message to everyone you know in this beautiful earth.

11 thoughts on “For Us, IGN Is More Than Youth-Focused Program Creator”

  1. This is just amazing 👍. God bless you all and let the dream come true.. As John C Maxwell said ” leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts.. its about one life influencing another” to bring change.

  2. This is international event that make me really interested. Well,im indonesian. When,where,and what should i do to join this event please?. God bless u guys,who works behind this event!!

  3. I am lalit from india and i am interested in helping other person. and i want to do something for needy person. But i don’t have lot of money. And i like to go on the stage and want to tell everyone that we should help person and we shouldn’t discriminate between men and women. And we should respect women and protect them etc.

  4. I want to join it. I think if i will join it so i will be ready to go on the stage and speak something about helping other person and respect women etc.
    Thank you.

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