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Where to Study Abroad for Art Majors

Studying art abroad can benefit you in many ways. First, it will undoubtedly broaden your horizon. Be prepared to be inspired by encounters with different cultures and new settings.

Furthermore, studying art abroad means you will also be able to study beyond classrooms and apply your knowledge in a setting you are not used to. Studying abroad also allows you to be close to artists and artworks in their country of origin.

For the reason we just mentioned, art programs also remain popularly sought subjects by students aspiring to study abroad. Below are some places to consider for art major students:

Paris, France

When it comes to art and artists, there is no place like Paris. Probably appropriately dubbed as the capital of fashion and art in the world. Paris is home to various museums and art galleries.

The most influential artworks in the world can also be found in here. One of them being the infamous Monalisa painting at the Louvre Museum. Paris had given birth to artists such a Claude Monet, even van Gogh had gone to Paris to study art prior to his fame.

Students studying art in Paris not only will have the opportunity to learn from experts in their respective fields, they might also score internships with reputable names to kickstart their career. Among the infamous institutions in Paris include the Paris College of Art which had birthed notable alumni one of them being the multitalented designer/movie director Tom Ford.

London, United Kingdom

London is another center for art in the world. For good reasons. This historical city is home to 240 theaters, 300 museums and 1,500 galleries thus its standards when it comes to art are not to be questioned.

London also has multiple high tier art schools with an impressive alumni list as well as equally impressive staffs making London a prime destination for students from all over the world. Among the most popular art schools in London include Royal College of Art, which is just around the corner from Hyde Park and Royal Albert Hall.

University of Roehampton is another popular destination for students from abroad, also home to the most elaborate historic record collection in the world.

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea had recently become a hot destination for foreign students. Perhaps the Korean wave is to blame with its pop culture being (un)intentional ambassadors for the Korean culture. To match with the hype, South Korea also has reputation for having high standards in their education.

Additionally, South Korea also becomes hub for cutting edge creativity. One of the most popular universities in Seoul is Yonsei University, also being among the top ranking schools worldwide with their highly respected department of liberal arts.

The classes are designed to both prepare students aspiring to pursue arts professionally or as a supplement teaching curriculum for students not focusing on arts. Yonsei University is located in the historic Sinchon region which is vibrant with art including concerts and art installations.

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