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These Online Platforms Give You Free Access, Go Get It Now!

To stay at home doesn’t mean that you don’t keep your brain sharp. Keeping your brain in the best form will benefit you when you have to come back to school. 

Luckily, in this lockdown phase, the government is working with much online education platform to provide the students with lesson material for self-study at home. 

For Indonesian students, you can use these online education platforms below FREE:

  • Ruangguru
    Ruangguru opens its free online class everyday started on 16th March 2020. The class starts at 08.00 – 12.00 West Indonesia Time every Monday till Friday. All of the subjects from elementary until high school are provided freely. You can also check the schedule of the classes here
  • IGN Mentor Class
    IGN Mentor Class aims to be a platform to share positive knowledge, experience, and information among youth in the form of the online class. This program is opened for all of the youth all across the world. You can get information such as scholarship, internship, and other opportunities to develop yourself in IGN Mentor Class. Read more and register yourself here .
  • Zenius
    Zenius keeps its regulation in this study from home era by giving free access to 80.000 education videos. You can also get free of internet data from Telkomsel and XL. Access it directly here
  • IndonesiaX
    IndonesiaX is an online education platform for college students. Its contents come from top universities and institutions in Indonesia also professional practitioners in many fields. Here you can get various lectures direct from Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Padjajaran, and many more. All of the contents are free, all you need to prepare is an internet connection. Learn more here
  • Sekolahmu
    Sekolahmu provides various subjects that are accessible from the mobile app or its website. The curriculum in this platform is the result of the collaboration of Sekolah Lazuardi, Cikal, and Yayasan Diponegoro. The free course can be accessed here

Do you know any other education platform that is free in your own country? Write them down on the comment section and let the other readers now.

2 thoughts on “These Online Platforms Give You Free Access, Go Get It Now!”

  1. Bonne initiative, celà va plus inspirer et motiver nous les jeunes à plus développer nos talents et à nous aider à être plus compétents.

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