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Lead Yourself to Become a Leader: Why Leadership is More Important than You Think!

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Becoming a leader? Everyone can!

Do you believe that everyone is born a leader? Naturally, every person has the capacity to become a leader. However, sometimes some people do not have enough confidence.

What is worse, some people are not even up to the task of becoming a leader.

In that case, it is so unfortunate. What if the person is born to be a great leader? In order to find one’s leadership skills, you need to put yourself on duty. That is why you should really consider your choices if you have decided that being a leader is not for you. You should try and give it a chance!

Well, I would say: Go for it!

You have nothing to lose! You have more to win!

Who knows, you will continue, and eventually become a world-class leader? (Everyone’s dream!)

When you become a leader, you do not only receive the privilege to lead others, but to also lead your own self. There are a lot of positive points you will gain when you position yourself as a leader. Developing your leadership skills means developing a variety of skills!

Everyone Looks Up to You!

That annoying moment, when you have something to say, but you do not have the platform. You want people to hear what you have to say, but they do not completely listen.

Basically, you can turn the tables when you are in charge! Believe me when I say: A leader is an inspiration to everyone!

That is not a bad thing at all, right? Who does not want to inspire others!

When you are in the lead, you have the authority (but that does not mean you can exploit it!). You are the one to initiate actions, from the start until the end. You are the one to guide your team – you are not only the brain but also the beating heart of discussion, you give instructions on what to do and how to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently, and much more.

Do not worry much! Throughout the process, everyone will see you as their role model; as an example!

Sounds hard? Well, it actually sounds more like a reward!

More Than Just a Team-player, You Are a Team-leader!

The most common misconception about becoming a leader is you are all alone. This is a full-on hoax! Truth is, when you are a leader, you have more people backing you up!

That is why, you need to let the people in your team learn and grow!

Simply, do not dominate; this is probably the root of misconception.

Becoming the number one person in your team enables you to earn an important lesson: listening to others. Some underestimate this, but they surely regret it, because listening is actually harder than you would imagine!

Listening to other means you are giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions, and all opportunities are priceless. When you listen to them, that also means you acquire the skill to appreciate more. If you listen until the end, you give them your respect and in return, they will respect you.

When you become a leader, it is not only about improving individually; it is more about improving collectively!

Your members will thank you!

Aim for the Stars with Your Fantastic Vision!

A leader without a vision is the same as a chicken without a head.

Ugh, scary, right?

Vision is more than important. It is what will drive you and your team forward. Vision will help you and your team strategize plans, minimize obstacles, and achieve success.

A vision is more than just a result; the process towards accomplishing the goal is actually what matters the most.

As Warren G. Bennis said in his quote, “Leadership is the Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality”

See? There is more and more stuff to learn when you become the leader!

Just imagine how proud you and your whole team will be when you have carried out your vision!

More than Words to Show that It is Real!

It is not a secret anymore that some leaders are better at making promises than fulfilling them. It is kind of ironic, but perhaps, we are all the victims of this notorious leadership style.

That is why: Action speaks louder than words!

A person is not what they say, but what they do. Think of this: you have a crystal clear, powerful vision, but you do not put your words into action. This will not only confuse people, but they will lose their trust in you. A thousand words mean zero if you do not turn it into reality.

Just like when you fall in love with someone, they will not believe you if you no matter how much you say ‘I love you’. You need to prove your feelings with actions! Sounds cheesy? This is only an illustration of how meaningful your action is!

Stop dreaming, start doing!

Key to Managing a Successful Organization

Being a leader is considered by many as the most essential factor behind a thriving organization. A leader, with the help of his or her strong vision, is able to look way ahead into the future.

Leaders will have to be proactive. This means a leader along with the team need to prepare beforehand to anticipate any situations, both wanted and unwanted, that are likely to happen in the near future. Yay, more skills to learn, right?

In summary, leadership skills will be a huge differentiator in managing any organizations. Other benefits of strong leadership skills in relation to include a good organization structure, productive work flows, and eventually, everyone will enjoy their work. Thus, creating a satisfactory work culture.

The impact brought by leadership skills… is surely drastic.  

Become a Leader and Build Your Dreams

ANYONE can be a leader. Not only Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but also you! Your age does not define your leadership.

In fact, lots of youth these days are interested in leadership and are actively pursuing opportunities to enhance their leadership skills—such as participating in MUN (Model United Nations) and more.

Why? Because leadership skills, basically, are used everywhere.

For instance, a lot of youths nowadays spend more time contributing for the welfare of their communities. Working for your community means doing a lot of tasks, cooperating with a lot of people, and more. This is where your leadership skills come in handy. By exercising leadership skills, it will definitely be easier for you and the community to go step-by-step and eventually, gain prosperity.

Leadership will bridge you to your dreams. Why, you ask? The answers will be further answered later, but spoiler alert: leadership skills will bring you tons of skills that you will need for your desired, future job.

So, if you want to be a leader? Do not wait! Seek that chance! Do not be afraid just because you are young. Some young leaders are even more skilled and experienced.

Be a leader now and contribute to your society!

A Treasure Box full of Valuable Skills

If you count how many skills you can earn by learning leadership skills, it is countless. That does not even cover all of the skills, there is more! The amount is almost infinite. A lot of people out there even pay to join a leadership coaching program. In short, leadership is priceless.

There are so many skills you can obtain from being a leader, such as:

  1. Critical-thinking
  2. Decision-making
  3. Communication
  4. Team work
  5. Public speaking
  6. Much, much more!

Honestly, the list will go on and on and to save time, leadership skills are *arguably* more important than other skills.

You may have 99 problems, but leadership skills are sure not one of them.

Set Your Values with your Ethics, Morals, and Attitude

Exercising virtues for the greater good? Why not! You win both ways!

One of the most sought upon methods of leadership is ethical leadership. Basically, it is based on dignity and truth of others; it does not only revolve around yourself. As explained before, that is why your team is just as important as you when it comes to leadership. This approach of leadership, overall, is so humanistic. You are not only learning how to become a leader; but also how to become a better human-being!

Ethical leadership works based on the principles of truth, fairness, honesty, and trust. Prior to leading your team, you need to ensure how strong is the foundation of the relationship between you and your co-workers. Especially nowadays, people would rather prefer a dynamic, warm, and friendly work environment. That does not mean you should leave professionalism behind; balance is still needed.

Speak good. Do good deeds. In the end, people will evaluate you based on your actions. Respect must not be forced; respect is obtained.

Yep. When you become a leader, you will not only be rich of skills. People will respect you for your ethics, morals, and attitude. Show them what you got!

A Talented Leader = An Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

There is a saying: before you take care of others, you should take care of yourself first. This is why when you become a leader, you will learn how to control your EI or your emotional intelligence. EI is even considered more important than IQ (Intelligence quotient). When you do a work interview, they will not ask you how much your IQ is. They want to know you for who you are; your attitude, your personalities, and such. Same thing also applies when you become a leader.

For instance, when you encounter a stressful situation, you should not continue to be stressed. You should breathe in, breathe out, and face your problems like a #boss. If you keep being frustrated, not only it will damage you, but it will also affect your surrounding.

Now, you understand why EI is crucial. A lot of people nowadays have a hard time at work. EI will help you find that sweet spot somewhere inside your mind and your heart. In the end, you will be in your zen mode.

In fact, EI can be implemented in any possible occasions. People with good EI are more successful at work, maintaining a relationship with others, and so much more!

The higher your EI, the less you are stressed out!

Ready for the Next Generation!

Now, we dive into the current era. The world evolves, and so do leadership styles. Bye bye traditional leadership method, we are ready for something bigger and better!

Being a leader also means you need to keep yourself up-to-date. There is always something different, something unique, something innovative. You need to understand the characteristics of the people you work with. A deep understanding of recent and upcoming trends is also necessary for the well-being of a team, an organization, and such.

Advance your leadership game, advance your team, and level everything up!

Most Importantly, Everyone NEEDS YOU!

You have leadership skills? You are sold.

Majority of companies are interested in hiring people with leadership qualities.

Having leadership qualities guarantee that you are equipped with the skills to interact with others. Your boss, your colleagues, your clients, and such.

From as simple as group work, leadership skills are needed. Everywhere you go, you will always need your leadership!


Are leaders the most successful people?

You can say that.

To put everything together:

To be a leader, you need passion, effort, attitude, and empathy. Some people may be born with exceptional leader qualities, but even the most influential leaders out there have gone through their ups and downs in order to become a leader.

In fact, you do not necessarily need to become a leader to gain leadership qualities. All that matters is how much determination you have to strengthen your skills. You have your vision, you have your stances, you have your aspirations, all you need to do is put your wonderful ideas into action and collaborate with others!

Seize your chance. Do not stop. Turn your impossible into I’m-possible.

Everyone is a leader.

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