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The Benefits Of Networking

Have you ever thought how did you ended up meeting and knowing your best friend? Where and on what occasion was it? Did you meet him/her accidentally?

The terms “networking” is commonly used and applied to the conscious activity of making a friend. Networking can leads you to meet various people. Meet many people means open many chances since people will have different stories and backgrounds. From them, you will gain a lot of knowledge that you may never think before.

The act of networking itself can be trained as soon as you are a college student. Being a college student will give you the advantage of freedom, right? You can do almost anything and go almost anywhere you want.

Therefore, how networking can give you benefits? Here’s how…

1. Networking Benefits You To Reach Your Academic Goals

The main goal of all students in the world is to get academic achievement. It is not deniable since a good academic achievement may secure your future. With networking, you can get it done in style.

Approach your lecturers and professors. Sure, it looks so lame and may be awkward to befriend them, you surely don’t want to do it. Remember your goal. Befriend them to get valuable information and advice to deepen your knowledge of your field interest. As a result, you can score greatly 

2. Networking Opens Your Career Paths

Your lecturers or professors may have other connections out there for your future introductions and job opportunities. The job or other opportunities can also be coming from your friends or other persons in the same class who you never talk to before.

Befriend everyone. You have to be more open-minded when it comes to networking. It means that you shouldn’t pick or choose friends. Tell them what do you focus on or what you are interested about. It may not your friend who will give you the opportunity, but your friend’s friend maybe or your friend’s parents or your friend’s uncle. Once again, connections.

3. Networking Makes You Famous And It’s Great

When you know well lecturers and professors, and that you befriend with many other students, you will be one of the cool kids out there. Of course a cool kid with value. Usually, it is you who are looking for networking, but this time, other students will come to you to connect. This will totally save up your time to spread your network! To leverage your famous level, you can also join some kind of extracurricular or students’ association. You will surely gain more and more experience and knowledge that you can use as preparation to face your future careers.

The key is confidence. There is no time to be shy. It can be understood that some people are introverts. However, if you stay in your comfort zone, you may struggle to get experience later. So, start up your engine right now and off you go into the networking world!

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