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SASAMBO: Why This Program in Lombok is Perfect for Changemakers

How you too can give back to Mother Earth while in Paradise

Lombok is perhaps the closest you can get to experience paradise.

The unique combination of nature and culture makes Lombok a true definition of paradise. But like many other beautiful places, it is also on the brink of destruction.

Lombok is facing the classical concern looming many other developing tourist destination. It is struggling to welcome its visitors while maintaining the environmental sustainability. Luckily, along with the increase in its popularity, efforts to protect the environment has also increased.

And you too, can take part in preserving the paradise.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp is attempting to do just that by connecting youth aged 15-25 from around the globe with shared concern for their environment to align goals, learn together, and come up with unique solution.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp has earned its name from the three major tribes in Lombok, being Sasak, Samawa and Mbojo. While Greeneration is a combination of the word “green” and generation. The two new words combined represent the camp’s agenda to not only revitalize the environment but also to be inclusive of the socio-cultural aspect prevalent in Lombok.

With this year marking the third convention of Sasambo Greeneration Camp, it is expected that the camp continues to engage and inspire youth in Lombok and beyond.

Now, why Lombok?

Lombok is an up and coming world class tourist destination. It boasts natural attractions you can not find elsewhere on earth. Most of them in utterly pristine condition.

Lombok is mainly known for its marine riches. We are talking beaches that look straight out of a painting here. Deep tones of the ocean meet bright sanded beaches and lush hills against the clear sky. Nothing short of perfection.

And it is not just that.

Lombok is also home to the second tallest mountain in Indonesia. Rinjani. To see it with your own eyes, is a spiritual experience on its own.

Additionally, Lombok is also home to an incredibly rich culture created by the many tribes inhabiting the island.

Whether you want to track through the lush valleys, hike the magical mountain of Rinjani, or bike through the exquisite paddy fields, Lombok has something for every taste.

Furthermore, Lombok was awarded best halal travel destination by the World Halal Travel Awards in 2015. This reflects the continuous efforts to provide  Food, accommodations, as well as attractions to cater for those concerned with halal status during vacation which is often neglected in many places. The awards only continues to exhibit Lombok’s readiness to be a top world-class destination.

By having been recognized as a top halal travel destination, Lombok is ready to welcome the surge of travellers from around the globe.

To the issue

Lombok is facing many issues that could directly affect its tourism, which also happens to be the main source of income for the people.

One of them is its strategic location being in the tectonic belt making it prone to devastating earthquakes. Additionally, the land slides could also potentially trigger tsunami in the island.

Maybe you are familiar from having seen it in the news and on social media, the most recent being the earthquake that struck Lombok in August 2018, after having suffered an initial foreshock in July. The earthquake had taken the lives of approximately 430 people with many left homeless and its infrastructure fallen in shambles.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake, Lombok is currently undergoing gradual steps to recover from the disaster and regain its status as a highly sought after tourist destination. However, this step may take years.

Along with rebuilding its infrastructure, post-disaster recovery also includes overcoming psychological damage suffered by the victims.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp includes charity for Lombok earthquake victims in its agenda. Together with other participants, you will experience first hand making change for those affected by the earthquake through coaching sessions and workshops. The Sasambo Greeneration Camp will also deliver aid to help relieve the damage.

Another prevalent issue looming over Lombok’s tourism is the issue of waste. On an average, Lombok produces 300 tonnes of waste on a daily basis. The lack of infrastructure to properly dispose, recycle, or demolish the waste has created large piles of waste around the island.

The issue of waste management and its harmful impact on the environment will be another key issue addressed by Sasambo Greeneration Camp. Having understood its effect in the sustainability in the island, you and the other participants will learn ongoing efforts by local stakeholders to minimize the problem through creative solutions.

Considering the vast coastline of Lombok, it is undoubtedly incredibly vulnerable to the rise in sea level especially now with the alarming level of climate change.

Sasambo Greeneration camp recognizes this issue and attempts to partake in an effort to curb the effect of sea level rise by including mangrove planting in its agenda.

Did you know that mangrove trees are scientifically proven to protect coastal areas from rising sea levels?

Mangrove trees help block erosion in coastal areas. Additionally, mangrove trees also balance the ecosystem by protecting and providing for the marine creatures.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp for a Sustainable Future

Since its convention in 2017, Sasambo Greeneration Camp has continued to engage world youth in an effort to promote sustainability and environmental protection starting from Lombok and hopefully will continue to the rest of the world.

In addition to Lombok being a world-class destination of undeniable charm, it also faces problems that are not unique but are also present in just about every corner in the world.

In their 4 day excursion, participants of the Sasambo Greeneration Camp are expected to learn from each other as well as direct practitioner of sustainable efforts. After participating in the Sasambo Generation Camp, you will be able to conjure a unique solution from learning the issues and ongoing efforts to tackle them.

Together, the Sasambo Greeneration Camp participants will learn traditional means of recycling waste. One of the agendas promoted in the camp is partaking in handicraft workshop.

Did you know that eggshells, despite being an incredibly common household waste is considered hazardous in EU?

Despite being consumed everywhere, eggs are difficult to recycle. However, with the right approach, they can be turned into valuable items.

In the Sasambo Greeneration Camp you will learn from local craftsmen how eggshells are transformed into charming handcrafts with high value in the market.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp will also bring its participants to Kawis Krisant, a former riverside slum that through local initiatives had been transformed into a model village for waste management.

From Kawis Krisant, you can learn independent top-bottom initiatives that attempt to turn their lives around while including environmental concern. Here in Kawis Krisant, non-recyclable waste is transformed into crafts like shopping bags. The entire village is a showroom for waste management alternatives worthy of attracting tourists.

Part of the agenda of Sasambo Greeneration Camp is also to connect with locals.

Can you imagine a life away from your phone? Even if it is just for one day?

You most likely can’t. But the Sasak people in the Ende village have been doing it for years, as you will see with the program including an excursion to said village.

The people of Ende Village have maintained their authentic lifestyle by eschewing main aspects of modernization like electricity and internet.

Here, you can learn how the Sasak people maintain a life that is harmonious with the nature such as through traditional utensils made from natural raw material.

Prepare to be entranced by the amazing architecture nested in the green hills and valleys!

Sasambo Greeneration Camp also takes you to splash at a mangrove conservation site. How much cooler can that get?

How often do you get to see marine ecosystem up close in their natural habitat? Or while helping protect coastal area by planting mangrove trees?

Having fun and doing charity work at once? That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone!

Lastly, Sasambo Greeneration Camp will also include you in the post-disaster relief agenda. You, and other participants of the camp will help with workshops and coaching sessions as well as aid delivery for those affected by the Lombok earthquake in 2018.

What you can get from Sasambo Greeneration Camp

Sasambo Greeneration Camp is not just any camp. It is a camp that teaches you mindfulness about the environment around you.

Not only will you be met with other participants who are just as passionate as you in preservation of nature, you will also learn how people from all any background have their own role in protecting the globe.

This also means that Sasambo Greeneration Camp will be an opportunity for cultural exchange. With participants from many different countries, you are in the right place to broaden your horizon.

Still wondering how you can have fun all the while learning?

Sasambo Greeneration Camp has got you covered.

The many activities embedded in the Sasambo Greeneration Camp are designed to foster solidarity and enhance leadership skills. You will take up projects, initiate ideas or solutions, all the while communicating with fellow participants as well as outsiders.

Sasambo Greeneration Camp also invites notable contributors to enhance the learning experience, from scientific background, to activists. The variety of network Sasambo Greeneration Camp covers encourages a wide array of learning to be covered.

But most important of all, you will be in Lombok. The beautiful island of never-ending charm. Also, the paradise on the brink of destruction that you can proudly say you help to protect.

The Verdict

Sasambo Greeneration Camp is only open to 100 selected participants each year. Meanwhile, thousands of potential candidates apply every time.

The nature of the camp that balances fun with an appropriate outcome as well as output has made Sasambo Greeneration Camp a highly sought after activity each year.

Notable contributors, fun activities, inspiring destinations.

All the above are only a few of many other reasons you should partake in the Sasambo Greeneration Camp.

If you are aged between 15-25 and concerned with the sustainability of our environment, head to SASAMBO’s official website to secure yourself a spot or click:

Hope to see you in Lombok soon!

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