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Reasons To Join Model United Nations

Students in university are often faced with the difficult task of choosing an extracurricular activity that not only suits their interest but could also benefit them in the long run.

Undoubtedly the multiple clubs in the university will try to promote their programs, each with their own prospects, including Model United Nation clubs or also known as MUN.

For many, the prospect of joining MUN seems challenging. Language barrier, lack of knowledge on international issues, and even funding might be a few concerns arising prior to joining MUN. Unsurprisingly, there is more reasons to join, than there is reasons not to join MUN.

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD consider becoming a member of your university’s Model Untied Nations club:

Expand Your Network

Each year, multiple Model United Nations are held around the world. Each and every one offering something new to the table and attracting multiple students from every background possible. This makes MUN a great opportunity to get to know fellow students from different countries and learn about their culture.

Not only does MUN become a platform for intellectual exchange, it is also a platform where long term bonds are built and every participant is able to learn from the other. MUN is like a short term study abroad program with just as many valuable lessons but shorter.

While it seems glamorous and fun from the outside, MUN is actually one of the most enriching experience you could have through your college years.

Builds Courage And Confidence

In MUN, you can not just sit and exist. Silence here is not gold. You have to get up, get around, and approach people. After all, your goal is to have your resolution passed. It is challenging because not only are you battling to defend your country’s stance, you are also trying to persuade other countries to join your side.

This is undoubtedly not an easy task. You have to be tactful and charming. Structured but simple. Luckily, this is a skill that you could develop over time. And believe as when we tell you that this skill will remain useful for a long time.

Whether you are interviewing to apply to study abroad or for a job, the ability to pitch ideas is always useful.

Enrich Your Resume

As we have mentioned before, MUN teaches you valuable skills that you will need later in life. Not only does it hone your public speaking skills, it also endorses structured thinking and leadership skills. Best thing is these are not a mere claim, but your credentials from your MUN experience actually support it.

Study abroad admission officers and job interviewers look for international experience and MUN has a good reputation to impress in interviews. Even more, you could also use the network you have built through your participation in MUN both domestically or abroad to aid you.

They could act as informant for upcoming study abroad programs, student exchange programs, or even provide you with a recommendation letter.

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