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Obama Scholarship Program 2019

Youth Leader! 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity because of Obama Scholarship Program is currently open for 2019! If admitted to the University of Chicago is one of your big dreams then you have to prepare for this scholarship. A step away from study in the USA! This scholarship is open for International student and the students holding passport or US nationals can apply on a full ride scholarship program which also offered in over 86 US Universities every year.

Degree / courses available under Obama Scholarship Program

  • Master of public policy (MPP) Program
  • Data and Policy SummerScholar Program
  • Master of Arts in public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods (MACRM)
  • MPP/JD Program
  • Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy (MSESP)
  • Master of Arts in International Development and Policy (Obama Foundation Scholars Program)
  • MPP/MA Program
  • Master of Arts in public Policy and International Relations (AM/MA)
  • MPP/MBA Program
  • Master’s Degree, Part-Time (Evening) Master of Arts in Public Policy (EMP)
  • MPP/MDiv Program
  • BA/MPP (professional option)
  • Master of Science inComputational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP)
  • Master of Arts (MA)Program (1 Year)
  • BA/MSCAPP Program
  • InternationalInnovation Corps
  • Doctoral Program(Ph.D.)
  • Civic leadership academy


From this scholarship you will get a

  • tuition fee
  • Expenses for books and another courses material
  • Living expenses along with housing options
  • Medical-insurance
  • Out of class activities and programs
  • Even they are cover all your travel cost

How To Apply 

  • Have significant employment experience (of approximately 3-5 years).
  • Must have a significant number of professional achievements.
  • You must have a previous record of work regarding the welfare of the society or community (via previous employment or outside of employment).
  • A clear view regarding global issues or policy challenges.
  • You must commit that you’ll return back to your country after the completion of the program.
  • You must also commit that you’ll utilize your skills and reinvest them in your society after completion of the program.


  • Unofficial completion online application
  • GRE test scores
  • TOEFL or IELTS is required
  • Resume with all your  working experience
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • 300 word of motivation letter
  • 400 words of scholarship Essay with this topic :
  • Describe your current work, why did you select this work? What challenges have you faced? What have you done to overcome those challenges?
  • Describe the influence you aim to have across the globe. How will this Obama scholarship program help you accomplish this goal? What are your plans after the completion of this program? In case you’re not selected what plans do you have?


The deadline for this scholarship is 1st January 2019 so you better fast! Get full information here or register here

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