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Deadline : Always Open

Do you want to inspire others by telling your success story 
to all youths around the world? 
Do you have experience in certain fields 
and want to share it to all youths around the world?

International Global Network is currently looking for 100 experienced youths from all over the world to collaborate with us to encourage young people in the way of pursuing their dreams through IGN Mentor Class. 

IGN Mentor Class is an online class and training platform where youths from all over the world can gather on one digital platform. The online class will be held like a digital talk show with the expert as a mentor and the participants are allowed to ask so many questions regarding the topic. 

IGN Mentor Class aims to help young people to set their goals and future career. We have two types of online training class:

  1. Intensive Class  
  2. Free Class

Benefits :
You will get a certificate, become our relation at International Global Network, and we have other more. For further information regarding other benefits, it will be explained by our team if you are selected to become a mentor. 
So, take this opportunity and get more benefits with International Global Network!

How To Apply My Application :
If you think become a mentor on IGN Mentor Class suitable for you, please fill out the application form at
It is quick and easy. Register yourself now!

So, what are you waiting for?
Let’s take part to become a mentor on IGN Mentor Class. All youths around the world are waiting for your great story!

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