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How to Manage Stress While in School

Stress is an inevitable part of the modern life. There is various triggers present in just about every aspect we encounter in our day to day. The notification on our phones, the news on TV, the launch a new phone.

As a student in particular, the demands to perform well at school while managing an active social life and also maintaining one’s mental and physical wellbeing is enough to trigger stress on various levels.

Stress is a natural state, however, depending on the level it is also necessary to manage it well. Here are some tips to help you manage and reduce stress as a student:

Stay Active

It is widely known that working out is necessary for our general well-being. The benefits of physical activities are not to be questioned. Aside from keeping one in shape, working out can also prevent various diseases and even improve mental well-being.

Physical activities help reduce stress by releasing endorphins, the brain’s natural feel good substance. To reap the most benefit from working out, pick a sport you genuinely enjoy. Even a brisk walk in nature can vastly improve your mood.

Manage your Sleep Schedule

Sleeping does not solve  problems, but a lack of it certainly does not help either. Enough sleep will help you feel more energized to face daily tasks. However, to start feeling its benefits make sure you get quality sleep.

This can be achieved by creating a suitable environment such as dimming the lights two hours prior to bed time, reducing screen time, avoiding caffeine, and also taking a warm bath.


We spend a lot of time facing our screens, seeking instant gratification and generally running away from our every day stresses. While undoubtedly technology has helped us in our daily life, it also makes us become less in touch with our own thoughts and feelings.

One way to help us recognize the things happening within is through journaling. Setting time every day to write down what we think and feel can immensely help us to recognize triggers to certain feelings, including stress. By identifying roots, we can easier find solution to our discomfort.

Take Me Time

These days we become more familiar with the term “self-care”. Self-care does not necessarily have to manifest in a home spa with scented candles. Self-care is everything you do that is targeted towards improving your mental well-being. Doing things that are good for you.

By practicing self-care. You are able to say no to the things that stress you under the realization that they do not do you any good. Every person needs time for themselves to decompose every now and then, especially under stressful situations. Find a quiet place and rest your thoughts.

This could be done anywhere, not just at home. Taking me time is essentially disconnecting temporarily to recharge your energy. This is not to abandon any responsibilities, but solely to get back into a good state of mind to later perform better.

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