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Good Habits You Should Have

How many times have you felt guilty because of doing a bad habit?

Habit, either good or bad, is a form of routine decided by yourself. The good habit can lead you to successful and a meaningful life. On the other hand, the bad habit is like an abyss that sucks you in and makes you struggle to come to the surface again. 

So, how to construct a good habit? 

Habit is usually formed when you are very young. Some of your habits were developed in childhood by your parents’ lessons and instructions. However, you can also create habits through your life experiences, your work, influences from your friends and your own expectations. 

Developing good habits is not easy. You may have to struggle to learn and practice it every day. But believe, it would worth fighting for. Good habits developed now will last a lifetime, and will gladly support you to reach your success. Therefore, as you still a young and active person who is preparing for a bright future, you may want to adopt these positive and good habits that you should have.

  • Wake Up and Sleep Early

“The early bird catches the worm”, just how many times do you hear this quote? You always hear your mom yells at you if you wake up late don’t you? Well, it is the truth. By waking up early each morning, you will have more things to do. You will also have a peaceful time in order for your body to get prepared for the day. As a result, you will get the best productive day. In order to support this habit, you also need to get asleep early. Don’t worry to call it a day and end the night. You can do what you can’t on the next early morning.

  • Walk and Excercise Everyday

Walking can make your body and mind healthy. As for walking is easier than running, it will be a good start for you to get used to doing harder exercises. The key to forming a good habit is starting small and continuing.

  • Eat Healthy Food

There is no reason to not to eat healthy food. Nowadays, you can find many tasty and healthier food rather than junk food. The healthy food will make your body nourished and you may live longer. Healthy food will also give you an excellent body shape which can give you more confidence to socialize and broaden your network.

  • Network

For a young person, networking is beneficial as it means you are going to meet many interesting people. Meeting new people will give you more chances to have opportunities that will lead you to your future.

You can learn more and find out the benefits of networking here.

  • Love The Nature

A simple act like bringing your own grocery bag will be a drag if you are not used to it. You may feel too lazy to pick it up or you may often forget to bring it when you are going to the grocery store. Therefore, you have to get used to bringing it so that you can reduce plastic usage and hinder you from buying more grocery bags. The earth will sustain and you as the young generation will be able to enjoy God’s gift for this planet more.

  • The Truth is Better

Forget about white lies, truth is better. You may have an advantage if you tell lies, but you will only cover one lie over another too many times. Tell the truth even if it hurts. When you have always tell the truth, you will automatically think and do best things that hinder you from telling lies. You can also use this to accept the bitter truth.

  • Gratitude for all things

Feel blessed and thankful for everything you have right now. You may think if you have something, your life would be better. That kind of thinking will lead you to misery and disturb your main life goals. Accept what you have right now. Sometime, you should also look down that there are people who are not as lucky as you in this position. 

  • Never Give Up

A winner never gives up before he/she reaches the goal. Therefore, you can start to set your goal. At the start, you can set daily goals, then weekly, and further goals up ahead. By this, you will fight to reach the goals by implementing the disciplines that will also be considered as good habits.

  • Smile A Lot

A smile will make people around you feel your positivity. But surely don’t force your smile. Also learn the situation. You can practice this while you are in a networking event for example. 

Smiling often gives you confidence as the people will consider you as a nice person. They will easily be engaged with you as they find out that you are persistent, feeling blessed every time, seldom telling lies, care about nature, have a lot of connections and friends, and living healthy every day.

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