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Everything you Need to Know About Studying in China

China is a rising economic power with an increasingly growing influence throughout various aspects around the globe, including education. It is not a secret, that education in China is highly competitive. Proving it to be among the most concerned about it.

Additionally, China has become an attractive destination for foreign students. Interested in its long history of culture, and contribution to the development of human civilization. Living cost and education cost in China can be reasonably inexpensive as well adding up to the many points China has to offer for foreign students.

If China is among the countries you would like to visit for studies, here are some things you need to know :

Where and What to Study

Many students choose to study in China to enrich their knowledge on the country and master the language. This considering the fact that Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, thus making it an incredibly valuable language to master.

Even if you are not here for language or cultural related programs. Programs available in major Chinese cities usually also combine their courses with language lessons and cultural related opportunities.

Among the popular areas of study taken by foreign students in China include mathematics, science, economics, and engineering. For engineering or medical fields, the cost will also be more expensive considering both require field practice. Additionally, China has many institutions spread throughout the vast country.

In fact, many universities from abroad have branches in China if you want the quality with a more affordable living cost for example as offered by the University of Nottingham.


Fortunately enough, China is financially accessible compared to many other countries. Its equally popular neighbors including Japan and South Korea. However, it is also important to keep in mind that China is a large country. The cost of living vary depending on where you are.

Undoubtedly, locations such as Beijing and Shanghai which are among the most expensive places worldwide will require you to spend more. For accommodation, foreign students can choose between student housing or flats, the former being cheaper.

Additionally, the cost of food can be adjusted with one’s need depending on their taste. Streetfood is available at any place for incredibly cheap including markets. Cost of tuition also vary wildly, depending on whether you are studying at a private university or public university.

Also, it is important to research the many scholarships available if financial is a big concern of yours.

Requirements and Application

Each university have their own requirements when it comes to applications for foreign students. If you are planning to study in China, the first step would be to do your own research on what program suits you.

If it is a non-degree language and culture program, the requirements will be less complicated than a degree program. Some courses are offered in English, thus unless you are a native speaker some form of English proficiency proof is required.

Otherwise, the general requirements normally include proof of senior high school completion and solid financial support proof.

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