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College Majors with the Best Career Prospect

It has been statistically proven that the majority of people don’t work in the field that is related to their major. This phenomenon can be understood in two ways: first is that people’s interest and focus shift as they gather more experience and knowledge; second, realistically speaking the variety of jobs available are hardly predictable thus in many cases people are forced to improvise in their career choices.

Taking both cases into account, unless you are completely certain of the career path that you aim for, then your major does not necessarily matter. However, if you are still unsure of what major to pick, we have compiled the most prospective majors for you to put into consideration.

Computer Information System

Computer information system is different from computer science in which the former takes a more practical approach towards technology. In essence, computer information system combines technology and business in a commercial setting.

Graduates from this field have a high chance of being employed by the IT department for major companies, being among the highest in demand in the work field.

Biomedical Engineering

This is the field that is dubbed “high-paying and minimum level stress” by Forbes. In essence, biomedical engineering is a multidisciplinary field combining STEM and medical field. The rising popularity of biomedical engineering could be related to the increasing mechanization in our daily lives combined with health concerns.

Career options vary for graduates with degree in biomedical engineering, ranging from designing medical equipment to research with a steady rise in average salary. Hospitals, research organization, and universities are among the most popular employers for graduates in this field.

Construction Management

Construction management offers work options that include planning, budgeting and overlooking construction projects. To enter this field there is a variety of majors one can choose from including construction science, architecture, and construction management.

People working in construction management are sure to earn an above average salary with potential bonuses. However, they also need to be prepared for emergency calls at any time.


With a rise of newborn and elderly, the demand for people with nursing background also increases. To be a licensed nurse however, a degree in nursing is necessary. Aside from the general field, people with degrees in nursing can also branch out to other medical fields with higher paying salaries including anesthetic, orthopedic, mental health, and the like.


Our daily lives is dictated and shaped by statistics. Numbers are incredibly valuable to companies in generating audience and profit, thus people with backgrounds are becoming higher in demand these days with not enough workers to meet the demand.

The good news is that not only are graduates with skills in statistics highly sought after, they also have the privilege to work freelance in any field making for exciting opportunities. Generally, statistics are about interpreting numbers and graphs.

However, there is a wide array of exciting subfields statisticians can branch out to, including sports statistics, environment statistics, and epidemiology statistics.

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