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Cheap Backpacking Destinations Nobody has Told You About

Travelling is becoming more accessible to many over time. The wide availability of cheap accommodation some even free, and low cost tickets have made travelling no longer a luxury in terms of finances. This trend has also given birth to a group of people who have dubbed themselves as “citizens of the world” due to perceived enrichment that comes from having travelled frequently.

For youth especially, backpacking has become a main option due to the practicality of only having to carry one’s belonging. If you are one to aspire to enrich your life through travelling, then here is our list of backpacking destinations that are not Thailand!

These countries are so cheap you will be spending as little as $10 per day.


Iran is often overlooked as a backpacking destination due to the image painted by worldwide media. In reality, Iran is perhaps one of the most stunning and hospitable countries you will ever travel to. Its glorious architecture decked with vibrant colors will leave you breathless!

Even more, brace yourself to be welcomed by some of the friendliest people you will meet who open their doors and will spoil you with fragrant home cooked meals.


There is no better destination for trekking and hiking than Nepal.  The trek will literally, take your breath away! Nested in the heart of the Himalayan mountains, Nepal is packed with beautiful pristine destinations for you to enjoy.  Historical buildings and tranquil lakes are only a few of Nepal’s main attraction travellers recommend. Fantastic cuisine with exotic spices are also widely available for less than $1!


Croatia is a rising haven for travellers in Europe. Backpackers love its stunning nature,  picturesque architecture, and moreover its cheap living cost! The main attraction in Croatia are its historical towns that look like they come straight out of Game of Thrones.

Additionally, it is also full of scenic national parks you could visit. While cheap, Croatia still follows European standards where the costs might not be as cheap as some expect. Especially in the summers. Thus, visiting in winter or autumn might be effective in cutting cost.


You might have fallen in love with Mexican cuisine. So if you love the food as much as we do, then it is perhaps time to plan a trip to Mexico. The variety of landscape, Mexico has to offer is the reason why travellers keep coming back. From mountains to barren deserts. Colonial towns to coastlines. Mexico has got you covered.

Additionally, Mexico is also incredibly cheap for backpackers who choose to do it the local way. Diving into the chaotic yet beautiful life dynamic of Mexico. Keep in mind that while many go backpacking to Mexico due to its reputation for being dirt cheap, it can also get pricey in certain locations. Mexico also has a reputation for drug related crimes and scams, so be careful with your surrounding and learn as much as possible about risky places.

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