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Bored of #stayathome? Try These Self-Development Activities To Improve Yourself

Do you often feel anxious about your future?

Well, to feel anxious about your own future is natural. Not only for young people, but adults are also worried about what comes next for the next days. This feeling teaches us, human, to prepare ourselves for the future. How? Of course by improving ourselves.

However, many of us may not aware of this preparation. Some would think to enjoy and that the preparation can be set up later. Some others may not even know how to get prepared. Whereas, the preparation to improve ourselves needs comprehensive effort and time.

Let’s take an example of what happened lately in most of the countries. The COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused many casualties in almost all sectors. Health, social, education, and economy are affected negatively. But, it is highly expected that after this disruption, there will be many fresh chances.

Therefore, as in this condition of #stayathome, there is so much time for you to prepare for what comes next when the pandemic is done. We believe that everybody, including you, wants to get a better life.

So, rather than doing movie marathon all the time, why don’t you try these self-development activities to improve yourself?

1. Train Your Problem Solving Skill

Overthrow your hesitancy. In fact, hesitancy can wast your time to decide what is best for you. Hesitancy can also lead you to procrastination.

Problem-solving is existed to combat this. By having this skill, you will save more time by deciding things faster. More than that, you will also get the best choice for yourself.

You can train this skill by practicing to create “psychological distance”. What is that? It is a practice where you try to take another person’s perspective. Try to think place yourself as somebody else, the situation that you face, and how would you solve the problem.

For example, you can think of yourself as an event organizer. Then, with the pandemic, the government prohibits any event to have many people in it. So, what you should do about it to make you survive? This will lead you to think critically and push you to innovate.

2. Redefine Your Creativity 

Creativity can be interpreted into many things. Art is not only the output of creativity, but the way you thinking is also the shape of creativity.

Creative thinkers will think out of the box as they see things from many angles and perspectives. This way, people with this skill will be able to create something new. The creation can be in the form of alternative ideas that adapt to the current situation.

3. Shape Your Emotional Intelligence

It can be said that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what a leader should have. It is a high-level skill where you can understand and manage your own emotions and those of the people around you.

Well, even if you are not a leader, having this skill is very beneficial. If you are going to learn this, you should be able to train your empathy, social skills, have a high motivation, and self-awareness.

You can manage a strong and meaningful relationship with families and friends by applying emotional intelligence.

4. Make The People Around You To Be Great

After all, a human is a social creature. To develop yourself doesn’t mean it is only about improving yourself as an individual.
Your self-development can also be measured by your ability to interact, perform great in teamwork, and make a contribution to various groups.

You can start by calling or texting again your old friends via social media. You can have a little chit-chat here and there. Then, you can take a turn, start to talk about what you are doing right now, what you after, your goals, etc.

You may find and generate great ideas to improve together and collaborate with your friends.

5. Reflect On Your Progress

Last but not least. Reflect on what you have done so far to improve yourself.

You can take a simple quite moment where you can think clearly. Does your effort on understanding and experiencing the activities above give you the desired output?

Find out what needs to be improved and note it down. Then, you can try again.


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