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Are You Confident or Arrogant? Know It Before It’s Too Late!

Basically, you should have known the difference between confidence and arrogance. They are totally in contrast to one another.  But, have you ever thought about which side are you? This check-list below will help you know whether you are confident or arrogant. 

Confidence is the good side. There is nothing wrong with being confident. It naturally attracts people. If you are a confident person, you should feel:

  • Humble
  • Love to listen to others
  • Open-minded
  • Encourage others
  • Lack of knowledge and want more of it
  • Not afraid to admit mistake

While Arrogance is the bad side. Be careful of this trait.It lacks sympathy or empathy to other people which then repel people to hang around you. If you feel you are an arrogant person, you might have done these things:

  • Easily bragging something
  • Look down other people
  • Close-minded
  • Discourage others
  • Feeling as the smartest person in the room
  • Blame others

It surely is not easy to assess yourself, therefore, it would be wise if you can ask your friends and other classmates about yourself. If you are felt or considered as an arrogant person, don’t deny it. Even though attempting to repair what arrogance has already tarnished is very difficult, but don’t worry, here are simple tips for you:

Be Sincere

Do not act as if you are a changed person that is less arrogant as you were. Rather, you can train yourself to listen more and talk less. It means that you have to hold yourself to brag. Open up your mind. You also have to remember that there is sky above the sky.  Moreover, you don’t have to hide your true self behind your beautiful wall. It’s okay to look vulnerable. That way, you can start to accept the flaws of yourself and then accept other mistakes too. Self-trust and sincereness are the keys.

Everyone can be the best

This life is not only about you. Other people are also living in the same world as you do. Therefore, you can not say, think, or argue that something would be better if you have done it. A confident person should respect and admit other’s efforts. You can support and encourage them to be the best together.

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