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A Fun Exercise For Young Souls: Simple Riddles With Hard Answers

Riddle me this riddle me that.

Actually, it’s not always something serious to keep your brain and mind sharp. Sometimes, fun and happy riddles can give your brain some exercises. In fact, fun and happiness can make your soul healthy.

Another fact is that riddles and puzzles are effectively proven to train your brain to think out of the box. This way of thinking will make you a creative thinker. As you know that being creative is one of the skills you need to have for your brighter future.

So, prepare to set your brain to think out of the box and we challenge you how many riddles can you answer correctly. Here are the simple riddles with hard answers.


  1. What Always Ends Everything?
  2. A Boy And A Doctor Went Fishing. The Boy Was The Doctor’s Son But The Doctor Wasn’t The Boy’s Father. Who Is The Doctor?
  3. What Do An Island And The Letter T Have In Common?
  4. What Has Four Fingers And A Thumb, But Is Not Living?
  5. I Have Keys But No Locks. I Have A Space But No Room. You Can Enter, But Can’t Go Outside. What Am I?
  6. What Gets Wet When Drying?
  7. If You Have Me, You Will Want To Share Me. If You Share Me, You Will No Longer Have Me. What Am I?
  8. Mary’s Mother Had Four Children; April, May, And June Were The First Three. What’s The Name Of The 4th Child?
  9. It Is Greater Than God; It Is More Evil Than The Devil; The Poor Have It; The Rich Need It; And If You Eat It, You Will Die. What Is It?

Not that easy right? Here are the answers.


  1. The letter “G”
  2. The boy’s mother
  3. They’re both in the middle of water
  4. A glove
  5. A keyboard
  6. A towel
  7. A secret
  8. Mary
  9. Nothing
Now, you can also share the riddles to your friends or families. Put a smile on their faces as you reveal the answers 😁

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