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5 Important Lessons Youth Should Learn from Sustainable Development Goals

So, how come it has to do something with you? Well, because the world needs your contribution! No government of one’s country can mend this broken and shattered earth on their own. It’s not the time to put someone or some group to blame; it’s time to join hands and take on the real villain, namely silence.

These are the five important things youth should learn from SDGs!

  1. The Earth is Falling Apart
    Poverty, hunger, lack of water supply are just a few issues amongst tons of other world problems. If the earth could cry, she would have made an oceanic sky. Have you realised just how critical our condition is? If not, open up your eyes and look around; see the oppressed ones, our miserable brothers and sisters, or even the impact of climate change


2. Spread the Awareness
The moment you realised how urgent the 17 issues of SDGs are, the first thing you need to do is, spread the awareness! Share the spirit of global goals on your social media; tell everyone that the world’s crying out for help, that we have to help. Sow the seeds of awareness then you’ll reap the fruits later on.


3. Speak up Your Mind
This aspect is interconnected with the second one; you can’t spread awareness without voicing out your aspiration. Let the whole world know that everyone should be aware of the 17 global goals and their contribution is expected in order to bring change for a better future.


4. Get Everyone Involved
Get your family, friends, and everyone you know involved in this movement. We can’t overcome poverty, hunger, lack of water supply, gender inequality, climate change and a whole lot of other world issues without each other. Talk them on the Global Goals; let them know that it’s a terminal case and it needs our immediate action.


5. Start Taking Action
Awareness alone is not enough to achieve this massive dream. The moment you realised that this matter is tremendously urgent, start taking action. No matter how small your contribution is, it still counts. It’s better to take baby steps than nothing at all.

So, let’s make a change together!

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