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5 Best Universities for Digital Art

Digital arts is one of important parts for Digital world development today. From the GPS that shows us direction or that Pokémon you catch in your phone. Digital art helped us in every stages in this life. Along with technology development, Digital Art will always be an important part of it. This will be a cool thing if you can take a part! Or is this your dream?

Based on this 5 Universities are the best Universities with Digital Art Degree.

1. Harvard University

As the oldest institution of higher education in the united states. Harvard has Digital Media Design Degree for you to develop the skills needed to design engaging and effective digital media and explore the artistic and technical aspect of creating interactive system. You can check the link here to get more info about Harvard Digital Art Degree.

2. University of Southern California

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the university is near the corporate offices and production facilities of major motion picture. The USC is a highly regarded school of cinematic art. USC offers student the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the state of the art equipment. They offered B. A. Studio Arts with Emphasis in Digital Media; B. S. Computer Science with Emphasis in Game Culture and Technology; M. F. A. Fine Arts with Emphasis in Digital Media or New Genres. Check the link here to get more info about USC Digital Art Degree

3. Columbia University

It’s hard not to fall in love with this ivy league school. It has a beautiful campus, and the diversity is amazing. Under Art and Design area they offer you varying degrees, from Cinematography, Music to Visual and Performing arts. Check this link if you want to know more about their degree

4. University of Central Florida

One of the largest university in US, UCF offers you more than 200 degree. One of it is Visual Art and Design, they have 2 Digital Arts Degree program and it the right place to pursue your passion. Whether you want to become an innovator, change-maker, Collaborator, or Creator of emotion, whatever you aspire to be, UCF Visual arts and design program help you to get there. Click here to know more about School of Visual Art in UCF

5. Carnegie Mellon University

The School of Art in Carnegie Mellon, Housed within one of the most respected research universities in the United States. If you love to do some experiment with your artwork. There are a lot of degree in this university that maybe will match your expectations. For detail info about their degree you can check this link

You must have your dream university. However, what you have to realize is that you have a big role for our culture and technology development in the future. So, make sure you use your time as well as possible and don’t waste any opportunity that comes to you.

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