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4 Reasons Why Study in Japan Can Shape Your Future Brighter

Have you ever wondered why Japan is so unique with fast growth in technology?

By this year, 2020, the Japanese government has targeted to bring 300.000 foreign students to have an education in Japan. Well, it surely will be happened since Japan is one of the top destinations for foreign students. Mostly, the foreign students are attracted by the distinctive cultures of Japan. 

In order to get many more foreign students, the government also makes the application process and finding a job after graduation much easier! Actually, you can find more to earn and learn if you study in Japan. Interested? Here are 4 reasons why study in Japan can shape your future brighter.

1. Great Education in International and Asia Levels

For your information, the country of samurai has the highest number of Nobel prize winners compared to any Asian country and the second-highest of any country. A research conducted by QS World University Rankings in 2020 resulted that Japan has over 700 universities with 10 ranked in the top 200 worldwide.

Don’t worry about the language. Most of the programs there are now delivered in English partially or fully. However, still, you need to learn the Japanese language by joining the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). In addition, you can also apply for a scholarship in these two well-known programs: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

2. Your Chance to Get Employed Will Be Skyrocketed

Either you are going to stay in Japan or back to your home country after graduation, you will easily get best job position. Since your status as a former international student, many companies will strongly consider you to work at their places. It is because they will see you as an extraordinary, independent, and responsible person.

Japan is also well-known for its precision and creativity. Those two things have driven the automobile, electronics, and even their fashion industries to the highest level. So, if you are graduated from Japan, the future employers will see that you have determination, patience, multicultural perspective and like challenging yourself.

3. Develop Yourself As A Valuable Person

By studying abroad, you will be forced to learn everything from the beginning. Rather than thinking this as a drag, you can enjoy this learning experience. You will be able to learn about various kinds of people, culture, history, and language. On this occasion, Japan has it all to learn a lot. As a result, you will become wiser as you can be more open-minded and appreciate others. 

Moreover, it is also recommended to find as many as possible friends. It will broaden up your knowledge and network. Learn more about networking here.

4. Consider Japan As A Benchmark

Common things to know about Japan are that its advanced technology, clean rivers everywhere, amazing queueing culture, rare violent crime, best healthcare system, high life expectancy, and many more. As a foreign student, you would think why and how those things can be applied, and it would be great if some of those good things are applied in your home country.

You can start your research upon that. For example, you can investigate why rivers in Japan are so clean. And then based on your research, you can share your findings with the governments and stakeholders in your home country, work together to turn the rivers as clean as what you see in Japan.

Sounds challenging right? Why don’t you take this chance to have internship experience in Japan here.
Good luck!

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