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Sankt Peter Ording: Germany’s Hidden Seaside Gem

Germany has a charm akin to a fairytale setting. Perhaps that is what draws tourists every year. Pine forests, castles, breath taking scenery. However, as any other popular destination, Germany also has its well-hidden gems.

One popular destination among Germans, but less known by others is Sankt Peter Ording, a nifty peaceful seaside town, towards the Northern tip of Germany. It is also the only seaside resort in Germany that has sulphur spring.

A Unique Spa Experience


Sankt Peter Ording is popular among people who seek health benefits from the sea climate, known to have healing properties such as for respiratory diseases, skin diseases, also boost immune system.

You can reap these benefits from a relaxing walk along the beach line. If you are not used to colder weather, it might be advised to carry with you an outerwear to tackle the occasional cool breeze from the Northern Sea.

Additionally, you could also go to the Dünen-Therme which is both a recreational waterpark as well as a wellness area. Families with young children can enjoy the many water slides and indoor waves while their parents enjoy a relaxing hot bath and massage.

A day pass to enjoy the sauna costs 20 € for adults and 15 € for children. Also expect to pay 13.5 € for a waterpark day pass for adults and 8.5 € for children. Hotels around the area also offer spa experiences if the public setting is too much for you.

Scenic Seaside Landscape


Another fun experience in Sankt Peter Ording is enjoying the vast landscape, a combination of coastal line, pristine wetlands and peaceful pine forests. Expect to be enchanted by the magical sunset, or for a more relaxing experience the sunrise when there is less people.

Another highlight experience is the Sankt Peter Bohl lighthouse, which is also the landmark of Sankt Peter Ording. A scenic lighthouse in the middle of a vast prairie.

Well-kept Ecological Wonders


If you are a nature enthusiast, Sankt Peter Ording is filled with surprises for you. Dunes and  salt meadows have specific ecological importance as they carry numerous ponds and puddles. The landward side that gets flooded certain times a year becomes home to unique faunas such as grass frogs and moor frogs, as well as a variety of toads. Be wary that there is strict effort to conserve the environment, so strictly follow the rules and try to partake with any tours offered.

How to Get There and Accommodation

If you are planning to travel to Sankt Peter Ording, the closest major city would be Hamburg from which you could either take a bus or train. If you are planning on getting around Sankt Peter Ording, there is public bus services with stops around strategic spots.

Another option would be to rent a bike, as it not only has flat surface but also is incredibly bike friendly. For accommodation, you could opt for renting campsites for the whole experience or choose from a variety of hotel options available.

Please bear in mind that despite being relatively small and lesser known, Sankt Peter Ording can get really packed in the summertime as it also happens to be a destination for avid kitesurfers!

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