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Must Visit Destinations for Game of Thrones Fans – Part I

Game of Thrones is said to be the most pirated TV series in the history of entertainment, for rather obvious reasons. Unpredictable plot meets characters that you either hate or love, with an intricate detail to the background. In fact, the background is what got a lot of people addicted to the series in the first place.

You are perhaps familiar with the view of The Wall overlooking eternal snow, the mysterious castle of Winterfell, or Westeros with its buzzing medieval life. While a lot of the charm is attributed to the special effect team, locations where Game of Thrones do exist, and they are as breathtaking as you see on screen.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, below are some of the places you must visit:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We have mentioned multiple times of how underrated Croatia is, and we can not stress that enough! Dubrovnik is where the scenes for King’s Landing are shot, and it is just as beautiful as you might remember it from the series. Perhaps even more. The city has earned UNESCO heritage status for its historical significance.

Considering how many memorable scenes were shot here, you will feel as if you were reenacting them yourself as you stroll around the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is filled with spots where the shooting took place, most can be accessed on feet. Several others are located towards and around the outskirts, thus a taxi ride or public transportation is needed.

Trsteno Arboretum for example, is a beautiful garden overlooking the ocean which you might recognize from scenes in which Lady Olenna Tyrell lounges for her infamous afternoon tea.

Or the Jesuit Staircase, where Cersei Lannister did her walk of shame back to the palace.  While plenty of providers offer tours through Dubrovnik, it is also entirely possible to visit sites on your own.

Northern Ireland

Ireland is perhaps another underrated destination everyone should visit. Northern Ireland in particular had been made famous by its appearance as a Game of Thrones background featuring its breathtaking nature. Murlough Bay is portrayed as the Iron Island in the series. This is where Theon rode his horse along Yara, whom he later discovered to be his sister.

Murlough Bay also appeared in the background of Battle of Blackwater Bay shipwreck. Northern Irelandis home to long coastlines and lush green fields which all become major themes in Game of Thrones. Ballintoy Harbour is another important set, where Theon was baptized according to the custom of the Drowned God.

Ballintoy Harbor features a breathtaking rock formation adorned with sparse greenery which contributes to the grim atmosphere of the series. Step away from the coast area and enter the Tollymore Forest Park, which makes a regular appearance on Game of Thrones as the Haunted Forest. If you remember this is where the Three Night’s Watch encountered a White Walker also where Ned Stark found the dead stag.

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