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How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Traveling becomes more popular among youth these days, probably made popular by the rise of social media. Undoubtedly cheaper options to travel as well as accommodation options could also contribute to the traveling culture. Traveling is a good way to unwind and learn, however as it is often in a place new to you, important to be extra cautious of your safety.

Here are couple things you can do to stay safe while travelling.

Always Inform Your Loved Ones About Your Whereabouts

Always be in touch with your friends and family back home. If possible, give them your travel plan ahead of your departure. These days, almost every public place has WiFi that you could use to update your family on your situation. Also, many providers overseas sell phone packages for tourists you could get for a cheap price. That way, you can be in touch just about anywhere and anytime.

Do Your Research Before You Travel

Make sure you have sufficient knowledge on the place you are headed to. Be aware of the political situation, domestic conflict, safest areas to travel, and norms. In many countries, crimes are concentrated in areas ridden with poverty, thus be sure to look them up. Read on things that are considered as offensive in the culture and study them thoroughly to avoid drawing unwanted attention while travelling.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Always keep an eye on your belongings, especially in public places. Never leave them unattended as pickpockets are trained to carry their mission in a matter of seconds before you even have the chance to react. Additionally, keep all your belongings as close as possible to you, such as in a money belt underneath your clothes. Remember also to never flaunt valuable items such as camera or phones as they attract attention. Lastly, try to travel light. Only carry the essentials with you. For a day of sightseeing for example, all you need is a bit of cash and a copy of your passport. It will prevent you from losing too much, should you get robbed or pickpocketed.

Only Trust Registered Options

When opting for transportations, or tours, it is safest to go with the tourist package. While there might be a slight price difference, it is often not significant enough for you to worry. This way you are less likely to be scammed, and they also come with higher standards especially when it comes to your safety and comfort.

Never Put Your Guard Down

While you want to relax and enjoy your travels, it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and not get too comfortable. Be cautious of your new friends but respectful. In this case, if something seems off, it is best to steer away. This applies to both locals and fellow travellers. Do not take the risk of being involved in shady business. Also, never leave your drinks unattended, accept drinks from strangers, or get too drunk in a foreign country.

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