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How to Move Abroad

Moving to a foreign country can be among the most enriching experience in life, as many have agreed to. The different culture, customs, and environment will force you out of your comfort zone, which is perhaps why the idea of leaving one’s country can be scary to many.

However, for those who have dared to make the move, moving abroad has become a life changing experience. Another reason why the idea of moving abroad deters a lot of people is perhaps because many do not know how or where to start.

Here, we will share with you some ways in which you too can plan a life overseas.

Going to School

There is a lot of benefits from studying abroad, for many, this means improvement in the standards of education they are receiving. But for others, studying abroad can simply be due to the desire for a change in the environment or for adventure. Nowadays, to study abroad can be achieved through various means.

Universities are opening up for foreign applicants. Another option would be to study abroad on an exchange program. As a start, you might want to inquire your school if they have exchange programs with universities abroad. Often times, universities have networks in other countries which regularly hold exchange programs.

Au Pair

Another popular option would be to go overseas on an au pair program. As an au pair you will assist families in their house chores including child care, all the while living with them. For many, au pair is seen as a part time job while obtaining education overseas. Au pair cuts on the cost of living while helping them finance their study abroad.

However, au pair can often be risky as it is hard to get to know your host family from a distance prior to your arrival. To anticipate this risk, be sure to study and sign the contract before you leave as well as get to know other au pairs in the area.


This might be a temporary option but you will be surprised at how many opportunities volunteering abroad can open. Some of the most popular fields for volunteering abroad include child care, elderly care, and education. While volunteering, you might want to see if the hosting organization has long term positions you could apply for.

Just Move

On occasions where it seems impossible for you to find any opportunities to move abroad, an easy step would be to just take a leap of faith and move abroad. Of course while doing this you need ample saving and a plan B should your initial plan fail.

But often times, opportunities are easier to be found there. Get to know people and never stop searching as you get to the new country. Maybe also learn the language. Keep in mind that it will never be as beautiful as you picture it to be, often times you will be forced to take just about any job available to live. But do not lose hope.

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