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How to Keep Busy on a Long Haul Flight

We have all been there. The long flights that seem to take forever. The anxiety of looking at the estimated time of arrival and being let down by the fact that you have only flown half way. Double the agony come bedtime and multiple passengers start snoring in disharmony.

For frequent travellers, long flights are a small price to pay compared to being rewarded by whatever awaits them at the destination. However, for anyone travelling, long haul flights are dreaded and take time to get used to.

The good news is, long haul flights also give you time for yourself to do many things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. In other words, long haul flights are your well-deserved me time.

Here are some of our personal suggestions on what to do during a long haul flight.

Pamper Yourself

A plane might be the last place you are thinking of getting a mini spa. But it is surprisingly happens to be the best. With the limited air circulation, changing air pressure, and stress from travelling; all the above could affect your skin. Thus getting yourself a simple skincare regime while flying could prepare your skin to look well-rested and fresh prior to your landing. Nothing too extreme compared to your usual regime. Perhaps the usual cleansing followed by a hydrating sheet mask and ample moisturizer would suffice. Don’t mind the weird stares from fellow passenger, it is all worth the glow!

Get Moving

Sitting for too long can get just as tiring as moving. This can be the case especially when you are taking long flights with limited room to move around.  This could lead to muscle aches and deep thrombosis. Every hour or two take the time to do some light stretches in your seat. Or walk around the cabin. Perhaps go way to the back where the flight attendants rest. There is a high chance they keep additional snacks and drinks to share. Or you could simply strike up a friendly conversation with the flight crew to pass time.

Get Creative

Inspiration can come anywhere, probably also when you least expect it, even on a long uneventful flight. In that case, always be sure to arm yourself with the right equipment! Pack an empty notebook with colorful pens or pencils for when inspirations hit you. Some people find it hard to express themselves in words so doodling might help. The quietness of the flight will give you time to get in touch with your thoughts, allowing you to address unresolved issues or ideas. A coloring book is also a great idea to channel your creative thought and relax at the same time. Bookstores nowadays carry plenty of coloring books for adults you can choose from.

Learn the Language

Do not underestimate the power of short term learning. There is surprisingly a lot you can learn even with such limited time, especially when it comes to language. If you are travelling to a new place, it always helps to speak the local language in addition to English. Pick up a thin book on learning the language for absolute beginners to accompany you on your flight. Make sure you learn the basics such as greetings, counting, ordering food, and addressing other people.

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