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Every Sport Event you need to put in your Travel Bucket List Right Now!

Sport is not just a competition. For its respective fans, sport is a religion, a way to live. This can be seen on the fanaticism surrounding major sport events all over the world. Over time, sporting events are not just about winning and losing, there is plenty of other celebration surrounding them that even non-sport fans could enjoy.

Hosting countries will try their best to put their most attractive faces and you will sure be mingling with fellow sport fans from all over the world. Die hard supporter, average audience, or even novice sport fan can also benefit from attending one sporting event.

Here is our list of top sport events you need to put in your Travel Bucket List right now!

Super Bowl

There is a reason why the Super Bowl becomes one the most watched TV event in the world. In its country of origin in the US, Super Bowl is as close to a religious event as it gets. It either brings people together or breaks them apart, either way supporters of each competing team will be united in a festive celebration to be found nowhere else.

Even if you are not a football fan, you might still get pleasure in immersing yourself in the festivities of the events and list of performing artists. Also, have we mentioned that Super Bowl also breeds the most attractive food scene?

New York Marathon

Now moving on to an event you might actually be able to participate in! The New York Marathon is perhaps the most competitive race in the world, with a less than 15% acceptance rate from all applicants. Basically comparable to elite universities. There is also plenty of partnering tour operators that could increase your chance of being accepted as a participant.

However, if your name does make it into the list of participants, you will be up for an interesting experience. New York is an exciting place to be, and running a marathon with people from all over the world only increases the excitement.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup finale becomes the most watched event worldwide every year, for obvious reasons. Each year, people from all over the world travel to the country where World Cup is being held to support their national team.

This makes for interesting atmosphere of celebration and optimism, also the occasional emotional reaction to both wins and loses. Host countries also bear the pressure of presenting their best façade, thus your experience will surely be an exciting one.

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco is perhaps the modern equivalent of a fairytale setting. Beautiful scenery, historical buildings, meets lovely weather. Then there is the Grand Prix. A historical race dating back to the 1920’s taking place in the glamorous Cote D’Azur location with a variety of elevation points you could watch from. Additionally, Monaco on its own is also a magical place to explore with the exotic coastlines.

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