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Eat Halal while Travelling

As a true Muslim believer, eat halal foods is a must. This also one of the most common challenges faced by Muslim travelers, but doesn’t mean this is your backstop. There are many ways to keep eat halal foods, even when you are traveling around the world.

Here are some tips for you, who want to keep eat Halal foods while traveling.

Do Research

Do research about your destination before you go ; where to go, place recommendation, all of it can save your precious minutes during travel. So you don’t have to driving around in circle just to stop in and ask every restaurant if they serve halal food.

Halal Sign Restaurant Food

A restaurant that owned and run by a Muslim usually has a halal food sign. You can trust their food is Halal and eat peacefully. However, Halal certification may not be prevalent in many countries.

Ask if it’s halal or not

When you are on the street food market, this action can be done. Ask first if it’s halal or not, or if you see any Muslim workers and they attest to the halal-ness of their food, don’t hesitate and trust them.

Seafood or Vegan Menu

This is the most tricky situation. Like you know, anything that come from the sea are halal and all the vegetables are halal too.  But sometimes, they mixed alcoholic drinks to your food. In such a situation If there are other available options nearby, you should put a bit more effort and find halal restaurant instead. 

Cook yourself.

Find a halal restaurant is not a piece of cake. It needs some efforts and time. There is another option that can help you ; Cook by yourself if it’s possible, especially when it comes to long term travels. It is another way to save more money by the way.

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