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Beautiful Abandoned Places Around the World

Some travellers take pleasure in exploring off the beaten path destinations. Be it an abandoned mining town, forgotten constructions, or amusements parks that had been reclaimed by mother nature herself.

There is beauty in solitude that is both humbling and soothing at once. If you are one to enjoy quiet places and are up for a bit of scare, then here are some abandoned places you do not want to miss.

Taman Rekreasi Bedugul Hotel – Bali, Indonesia

The terrorist attack in 2002 temporarily shattered tourism in Indonesia, especially Bali. It was also in the same year that Taman Rekreasi Bedugul Hotel had its opening halted, only to never actually seeing it happening.

Since then, the place had been abandoned with traces of its past potentials left to rotten. Modern toilets, furnished rooms, and other luxurious ornaments are decaying as time passes.

There had been rumors of deaths of construction workers, their spirits still inhabiting the abandoned hotel. Needless to say, its eerie atmosphere had managed to spook even the bravest of visitors.

While the place is closed and guarded, travellers from all over the world have managed to sneak into the building by bribing the caretakers of the hotel. To get there, is about one and a half hour driving from Kuta.

Tunnel of Love – Klevan, Ukraine

You are perhaps familiar with the sight of this iconic view of a seemingly endless railway with lush foliage arching over it. The privately owned railway is not entirely an abandoned place technically as it now caters to a fiberboard factory with a train transporting wood three times a day.

The Tunnel of Love, also called the Green Mile Tunnel, is a popular spot for travellers to take strolls and romantic pictures. According to local legend, couples visiting together will have their wished granted.

The tunnel of love is undoubtedly a sight to behold all year long with the changing colors of its foliage from lush green in the spring to a bright burst of colors in the autumn. If you happen to be in Ukraine, this spot is not to miss!

Since Klevan is a rural city, it is a bit tricky to access. While accommodation is available, it is easiest to book a paid tour, many operate in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) and provide transportation as well.

Six Flags – New Orleans, USA

Amusement Parks are normally the last place you would expect to be quiet. Packed with visitors, abundant with laughter, and filled with the smell of fried food or cotton candies. That’s not the case with Six Flags in New Orleans.

The once majestic amusement park was forced to close down after Hurricane Katrina left it submerged in up to 7 feet water for a month. The damage from salt water was too extensive and the park eventually had to hand the property to the city.

Since its closing, wildlife had pretty much taken over the park. Wild boars and alligators are among the few animals you need to look out for. It is perhaps for this reason that the park is strictly patrolled, although few determined trespassers have made it through.

Six Flags in New Orleans has also become filming location for numerous movies such as Dawn of the Planet of Apes and Jurassic Park. While it is not recommended to visit due to safety reasons, travellers still manage to enter the site mainly through openings in fences.

Maunsell Sea Forts – Thames Estuary, UK

Maunsell Sea Forts with its rusty tower-forts rising from the water look like sea monsters awakened from their long slumber. This sight, both surreal and majestic in nature, are remains of the dark days of World War II.

Nowadays, the towers stand abandoned, braving storms and waves. Long term exposure to sea water and wind had left the Maunsell Sea Forts almost entirely rusty, and climbing them would be too hazardous. However, the are tours by boat organized from Whitsable where you could view the towers.

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