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Food is an important part of a country’s culture. It is not a mere matter of meeting one’s need. Food is also a spiritual affair. Available ingredients from all over the country meeting philosophical values manifest into their signature dishes.

Thus, for those travelling, a country’s cuisine is just as exciting as the trip itself. Even if you have tasted the cuisine in your home country, actually eating it in the country of origin could elevate the experience to an unprecedented level. Below are some of the most rich culinary according to us:


Among its Southeast Asian counterparts, Thai cuisine might have been the most successful in gaining popularity internationally. While a lot of dishes in Thailand might be strange to foreign tongues; the flavor combinations are quickly adapted and beloved by many.

Thai tourism is famous for agriculture, as shown in their cuisine, rich in a variety of ingredients you might have never seen with influence from its neighboring countries including Malaysia and China.  While many travelers go to Thailand for the beaches and culture, its cuisine is also not to be missed. Cooking classes are also a must try for you to share the joy with people back home.


France is hailed to be the capital of fine dining, for a good reason. The food is simple in flavor, yet complicated in the making. Strolling the streets of Paris, you will be spoiled with the sight of freshly baked pastries and roasted coffee with outdoors seating. A true French experience for travelers hailing from all over the world.

If you want to see where your wine comes from, then France is also the place to be. Skip the city buzz and go for a trip to the outskirt grape vineyards, explore the wine cellars, and indulge in wine tasting. Pair your favorite wine with the wide variety of cheese selection and you are golden. As a traveler, these also help avoiding the overcrowded tourist traps.


Chinese food is among the most beloved food around the world. But chances are the Chinese food you have tasted had been adjusted to suit the local taste. Chinese cuisine is truly complicated with influences as rich as its landscape variety.

You will be shocked by the ingredients they use in the cooking. For tourists, the variety of food in China can range from tasty street food prepared right before your eyes to intrinsic dinners at fine dinning restaurants.


Mexico is a true travelers heaven. It has sun, nature, cheap everything, but most importantly: great food. The last is not to be debated. Mexican is notorious for being spicy but addictive, combining fresh ingredients and herbs with meat and beans.

Mexicans love carnivals and you can taste it in their food. The variety of tacos, helados, and quesadillas will taste like party in your mouth! Mexico is also rich in culinary history. Cocoa and avocado are first used by Mayan in Mexico according to historical evidence.

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