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7 Networking Tips For Millennials Student

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

Bill NYE

Networking plays a vital role in pursuing a successful career. As millennials, widen a network will be an important part for the future. Millennials are born to do something differently and they always have their own strategies. It also applies when they start to do networking. 

Why is Networking Very important?

In today’s world, networking has an important role in business, professional career, college life, etc. Networking often connects people who come from the same field or doing similar things. No matter what your background is, having good networking will lead you to a big opportunity. 

“Networking is meeting and forming contacts with other people in your field of business. More specifically, it is used to form business relationships and to identify, create, or even go through with business opportunities.”

As millennials we tend to do some things differently from other generations and also we have our own strategies. To build your connection with other people from different backgrounds but still keep a super-fun way, here are … strategies millennials can use to develop or maintain their network:

1. Network Anywhere and Everywhere

As youth we may have so many opportunities to meet other people such as volunteering, attending a conference, doing an internship, other youth events, etc. Try to meet new people as often as you can because the more people you know, the more likely you are to forge a connection with someone who might know for a job, a big opportunity or a good person for you to meet. 

2. Seek Out For A Mentor

Having a mentor can help you to build a deep and long-term relationship. A mentor can be a touchstone for you throughout your future career. They might help you to evaluate your job career, negotiate, know when is the right time to leave a company and others tips and tricks they have experienced.

3. Have A Super-Fun Bonding Activities

Try to keep your connection with super-fun activities such as going together to the Gym, having the same yoga class, go jogging or cycling on the weekend. It might build your relationship closer than going to a cafe or talking just on social media. 

4. Try To Solve Their Problem

Why people do networking is because they wish someone they met before can help them or even solve their problems. Find out what’s the problem they try to solve, and if you can solve their problem, tell them how. How if you can’t solve the problem?  
Introduce them to a contact who can solve the problem. 

5. Be Curious And Show Your Interest in Other

To get to know what’s the person interested in, you need to hear their story. Try to show them your interests and listen to their story. Avoid making your own reply in the middle of their story. Be quiet and listen to understand, you’ll have your turn. 

6. Keep Talking

If you have new friends, don’t forget to ask them their social media to keep in touch. If you have it, keep talking to them with a simple thing such as replying their instagram story, comment or give your reaction to what they post on social media. 

7. Make A List Of Your Connection

It’s important to know that not all of your connections can be really helpful for your career. Having a diverse relationship in your life is important for you to have a balanced life. make a list of everyone you know and sort them by who can help you professionally, and who you just love for what they bring to your life each day.

Do you have more ideas to widen a network? Let us know by writing down your thoughts on comment bar down below.

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