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Beach Clean Up
Asia World Model United Nations

Last month, on 15 November 2019, almost 1,300 youths from 78 countries were involved in a collaborative agenda by Asia World MUN (AWMUN) III and the United Nations Information Center Indonesia (UNIC). It was a Beach Clean-Up activity, which had purpose to bring up a real act for environment by youths, who are also the Delegates of AWMUN III in Bali. Not only AWMUN III and UNIC, this occasion was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, which made it more prestigious and glorious.

Taken place at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, in Bali, Indonesia, this activity has succeeded to give youths a chance to take real measure together in the middle of AWMUN agenda. In cleaning the beach, the delegates were divided into several groups which had 3 different tasks : Rubbish Collectors, Rubbish Recyclers, and Social Media Team. Firstly, the rubbish along the coast were collected by the Rubbish Collector. After the rubbish were collected, they got separated by the Rubbish Recyclers based on the type of rubbish, recyclables and non-recyclables. Throughout the agenda, the Social Media Team published and reported the progress via phone, to give real-time updates to the public about this activity.

To make it more exciting, there was a competition held in this activity. At the end of rubbish collecting, the rubbish were weighed to determine which group that has collected the most rubbish. As the prizes, the winning group was given sets of metal straws and some other environment-friendly kits for every member of the group.

Mahjabin Asira, a delegate from Bangladesh, uttered that the Beach Clean-Up is one of her best experiences in AWMUN III. The delegates were so excited and felt that they were really doing something for the world, and the agenda has given her a life-changing experience and made her realize the youths’ duties for the world in keeping it clean and pollution-free. Meanwhile, Afrietha Leony, a delegate from AWMUN III’s host country, Indonesia, said this agenda is an inspirational activity for many people, particularly the young generations who should be more caring towards the environment.

Hopefully, the Beach Clean-Up has generated a new spirit for youth to start a real act for the environment, because making a real act to save the environment is not impossible to be done. 

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