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Writing a Motivation Letter for Foreign Exchange Program

Writing a motivation letter is another dreaded part when it comes to selection for student exchange program. Often seen as a mundane task, its importance is also often overlooked. Keep in mind when applying for a study abroad program, every step matters.

Never underestimate the importance of any part of the selection process and always strive for perfection. To help you craft the perfect motivation letter, here is a couple tips you might want to follow:

Always Highlight the Best Side of You

The goal of the motivation letter is to convince the  selection panel that you are qualified for the foreign exchange program. In this case, wording is key. Avoid using over complicated words as they can be off putting to some and deter them from further reading into your letter. Instead, opt for smooth and eloquent use of language in defining your point.

Explain your flow of thought, and how they manifest in your actions. For example when telling about your participation in activities, what kind of role you play and your feelings about them. All could give the readers a better understanding of who you are as a person and how you perform in different tasks.

Keep it Concise

When getting too excited, one could easily add more points than necessary. Avoid this at any cost as it could confuse the student exchange selection panel. Prior to writing your motivation letter, list traits you want to highlight, particularly the ones that align with the study abroad program you are applying for.

Important points to include in the motivation letter is why you are suited for the program, what qualities do you have to offer for the student exchange, why you want to participate, and lastly how studying abroad could help you in the future. Once you have covered the previous points, you have covered the essentials.


Start your motivation letter with an introduction that gives the readers an appropriate idea of who you are. The introduction is the most important part because this will determine the level of interest the foreign exchange program selection panel will invest in reading.

Try to be engaging but do not force humor. Your introduction should smoothly lead to the actual content where you cover the essential points above, or any other questions the program asks. Lastly, write a summary that wraps up the content of the motivation letter.

Allocating Time

When crafting a motivation letter, actually make time for it and give it your best. Start with a draft to prioritize the points you are trying to convey before developing it into an actual letter. Actually taking time will allow the letter to develop a personality and help you remember all the important points.

After you are done, proofread your letter or have someone whose opinions you value read it over for any possible errors. Pay attention to not only how the letter flows, but also for any punctuation or typing errors. An outsider will do a better job at pinpointing these flaws as they have not read the letter before.


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