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Utrecht Scholarship ( Law Economics and Governance International Talent Shcolarship )

Youth Leaders!

Utrecht Scholarship gives you another opportunity. This Scholarship is for non-Dutch nationality students who already have working experience and hold a non-Dutch Secondary education Degree. Law Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarship (LEG-ITS) wanted to invest in talented international students who have shown the highest achievement in their career so far.

Master’s Program

  • Earth And Sustainability
  • Economics and Governance
  • Education
  • Health and Life Science
  • Language, literature, and communication
  • Law
  • Mathematics and Information Sciences
  • Media, Arts, Culture and History
  • Natural Science
  • Philosophies and Religious Study
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences


Tuition Fee and a Part of Living Expenses, In a 2-year’s Master’s programme the scholarship will only be renewed for the second year if the student is making satisfactory progress towards the degree.


  • Have a Non-Dutch Nationality
  • Hold a Non-Dutch Secondary Education Degree
  • Have excellent academic records
  • Academic records files (tests scores, publication, letters of recommendation)
  • Your Career vision
  • Social Engagement (extracurricular activity)
  • Motivation Letter

How To Apply

You can apply to this scholarships online, sent your motivation letter and including your contact detail and your number to [email protected] or simply apply to Utrecht Excellence Scholarship it will be considered as LEG-ITS as well. You can read the detail of Excellence Scholarship here. The deadline for this scholarship is on February 1st. There is still time to prepare. So prepare for the best shot!

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