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Underrated Countries to Study Abroad

It is many people’s dream to study abroad. In fact, education has become such a boom a lot of countries make profit off incoming foreign students. There is no denying that some countries are more popular than others when it comes to studying abroad.

Germany, Australia, and Japan are only a few to name. However, it might be worth expanding your options, if you are planning on studying abroad. Reason being is, there are many countries off the radar to most people seeking education that offer equally high quality education with lesser living cost and potentially more exciting lifestyle.

Below is a list of underrated countries you might want to consider if you are planning to study abroad:

Czech Republic

There is so many things to love about Czech Republic. Let us list everything that makes Czech Republic ideal for foreign students. Czech Republic is famous for those aspiring to pursue a path in arts. It is flourishing with creative minds as can be seen in its rich art scene, such as musical performance and art exhibitions.

Czech Republic is also a training ground for aspiring musicians; having birthed some of the finest musicians and composers such as Antonin Dvorak. On top of that, it is also flourishing with natural wonders and a rich cultural as well as historical legacy.


Thailand is becoming increasingly popular among foreign students. The obvious reasons being that Thailand is famous for its nature, on top of being incredibly cheap. Thailand also happens to share borders with equally budget friendly travel destinations such as Cambodia and Malaysia. Another reason is Thailand’s quality of education.

Over the years, Thailand has invested a lot in its education, aspiring to be a leading country especially in the field of agriculture. After all, the quality of its agriculture is not to be questioned with high quality produce coming from all over the country.

Education has become increasingly competitive in Thailand with tight selection process, hence the quality is no longer to be questioned. This applies to both local and foreign students. Thus, if you love to travel on the budget, then Thailand might be the choice for you!


Brazil is an enigma, a melting pot home to various cultures with a long alluring history. This country is home to internationally recognized higher education both public and private.

Biology, medicine, and veterinary science are among the leading majors offered in Brazil with alluring opportunities to be recruited by large multinational companies.

Brazil also has a strong economy, being dubbed as an emerging power along with China and India, making the prospect of living in Brazil particularly engaging. Additionally, Brazil is a large country with a multitude of ways to entertain yourself. For the adventurous souls, Brazil is home to the biggest rainforest in the world.

Additionally, Brazil is also famous for its carnivals, nightlife, and art scene with Sao Paulo being one of the biggest cities in the world. Eventually, there is always going to be something for everyone in Brazil!

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