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Studying Abroad While being an Au Pair

Au pair programs have become more popular among youth recently. The lure of being able to work overseas, learning new cultures and travelling; combined with the prospect of securing an education or work in a better country makes au pair programs incredibly attractive to many.

Au pair programs can be used by those aspiring to study abroad as a ticket by providing the legitimate paperwork, accommodation, and funds needed. USA, Europe, and Australia are popular destinations to study abroad while applying for au pair.

Of course, when joining au pair while having the goal to study abroad in mind, you have to remember that the main priority here is to work as expected by the hosting family. Do not neglect your main responsibilities in the first place.


As an au pair, you will be expected to work for a certain amount of time per week, according to the contract you signed and the rest you can spend as you wish. To anticipate this concern, there is a couple options in terms of education. Part time college is the first option to chose from.

Another one would be taking night classes. In this one, you will have the chance to mingle with other working people who are pursuing an education on the side. This is beneficial in developing your network and learn from people who are in a similar situation as you.


If you plan on studying abroad while completing an au pair program, the cost of education might be your main consideration. Some countries like USA are notorious for their pricey education. However, there are options you could take.

Community college normally charge less, or you could research loans from your country of origin or destination. Another option is to go through the scholarships offered by the universities. Meanwhile, many countries in Europe offer cheap or even free education where you only need to worry about the living cost.


Finding a country where you want to both experience studying abroad while being an au pair might be a bit tricky. Many countries require a certain level of language proficiency for you to be able to enroll as a student. Prior knowledge of said language might be incredibly beneficial, and being an au pair helps furthermore by honing your language skills through daily usage.

There is a great chance that your chance to start studying might also be delayed as you are required to adjust your educational background through matriculation programs or language programs. In this case, English speaking countries such as USA or Australia might be a safe option.

Many people have raved about the benefits of becoming an au pair. Not only does it supplement your growth as an individual, it also helps open opportunities in education and even career.

You will in no time learn a new language, perhaps enroll in a better education abroad, also make long lasting and deep connections with people you meet along the way.

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