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Scholarship Inspiration: Dea Aulia Kartini (Thailand)

Thailand is probably not the first choice for students aspiring to study abroad. However, in the recent years the various improvements done in its education has made Thailand become a more alluring destination for foreign students.

If you are among those eyeing Thailand as your study option, then our interview with third year PhD student at Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) Dea Aulia Kartini might help!

Hi Dea, would you mind telling us how you ended up in Thailand?

Since I was young, I have dreamed about studying abroad especially in South Korea. After obtaining my bachelors degree from university, I decided to find a scholarship to fulfil my dream. I tried to apply for scholarships in South Korea but I failed. Then, I got information about a PhD scholarship in Thailand from the office of international affairs at my former university.

So, I mustered up courage to apply for the scholarship. After several months, I received a new from my current university that I got accepted as a PhD student in the School of Physics at Suranaree University of Technology under the SUT-PhD Scholarship for ASEAN Countries.

How did you obtain the scholarship?

In order to get the scholarship, there are several procedures that must be done. First, I sent all the required documents (such as application form, transcript, bachelor certificate, medical check-up and recommendation letters) to the university. Once my documents passed the requirements, I was informed that I was qualified to take the interview test.

The interview was done by Skype and I was asked some questions such as “Why do you apply for this scholarship?”, “What do you want to do if you are accepted as a student here?”, “What is your research interest?” etc. Several months after the interview test, I was informed that I was accepted as a student in SUT.

Any things about Thailand that still surprise you or is everything just as you expected?

Thailand always surprises me in many ways! The facilities at my university are well equipped and the students can access many journals easily. The lecturers are also professional in their field and they have a lot of collaborations with many countries such as Germany, Sweden, China, and Japan.

Moreover, the Thai government and the Thai Royal Family give big support in Science and Technology so they always give funding to the university for research or experiments. Lastly, the kindness of the Thai people amazes me. They are not afraid to help a stranger or a foreigner and they always respect the teacher/lecturer.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I am planning to do postdoctoral research for several years abroad in order to gain some knowledge and experience. After that, I am also planning to teach or give a lecture at the university.

Would you recommend studying in Thailand and why?

Yes! Lately, Thailand has good improvements in the education field especially science and technology knowledge. Moreover, they had built so many collaborations with many universities and research centers outside Thailand which can give more opportunities for the students to learning and explore their potentials.

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