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Most Popular Destinations for Foreign Exchange Programs

Every person aspiring to study abroad will have their own reasons in choosing a particular country. Widely spread pop culture and exposure to other culture’s make it even easier to build expectations. It could be as simple as adoring a music group, being impressed by a movie, liking certain cuisine, to as complex as having mastered a foreign language or liking the personality of the people in a country.

Whatever the reasoning may be, there are undoubtedly certain countries that are more popular than others when it comes to attracting foreign students.

Here are some of the most popular foreign exchange destinations:

South Korea

South Korea has grown more popular over the years, probably thanks to the spread of its widely beloved popular culture. South Korea however is also high up in terms of educational system rank with its strictly high standards and intense competition.

Students attracted to study in South Korea are mainly lured by the unique blend of culture and modernity. However, language may be a big constrain for those aspiring to partake in a student exchange program to Korea as use of English is limited.


Same as Korea, Japan has also built its reputation based on the popularity of the popular culture. Japan is also a particularly popular destination for those focusing in the STEM major (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

However, Japan is also open for other fields including culture and social sciences. As is the case with South Korea, due to the limited usage of English, having moderate knowledge on the Japanese language could be of tremendous help when studying in Japan.


Germany is perhaps the most popular destination for education among students from all over the world. Education is cheap, sometimes even free with countless opportunities for scholarship or paid student exchange programs making the choice to study in Germany often number one in people’s list.

English is reasonably widely spoken throughout the country so language should not be an issue for foreign students studying in Germany. Germany is popular for being efficient and effective, as you will prove yourself both inside and outside the classroom!


Australia is perhaps where the majority of students from Asia go to. The quality of education in Australia is unquestionable, being home to some of world’s best universities especially in the fields of humanities, arts, and sciences.

Studying in Australia also offers excitement with its all year round summertime and countless attractions both natural and man-made.


We can not deny that it is perhaps the reputation for being the capital of romance that draws people to this wonderful country rich in art and culinary legacy. However, France also is popular for its quality education system especially in the fields of arts, fashion, and culinary.

Additionally, you could choose from different cities when choosing to study in France to suit your liking, be it the bustling metropolitan Paris or more humble towns, your pick! While you might need to master basic conversational French, it is only a small price to pay in comparison to how much it will benefit you!

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  1. Wonderful topic and I like it very much ,great article!,thanks for sharing the information of Destinations for Foreign Exchange Programs.Every students aspiring to study abroad will have their own reasons in choosing a particular country.

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