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How to Write A Motivation Letter For Beginner

There are a lot of ways to make education dream come true. One of them is Scholarship. No matter how old you are, there are several ways you can prepare to help you win the scholarship.  So, what do you have to prepare to get a scholarship?  Besides good grades, you also have to prepare some document. Especially the one who want to apply for a Master’s Degree. So here is it the list

  • English Test Score
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Resume
  • Motivation Letter

Motivation letter becomes the most important thing when you apply for a scholarship. Unfortunately, there a lot of people who fail because of it. If you have failed, improve yourself and make it better.

Here are some tips to help you make a better letter.


This letteris probably the most personal document of your application. Here you got a chance to present yourself through writing. A chance to prove yourself in a document as a letter. You are supposed to give some relevant and interesting insight about yourself.

For example you want to apply for an Undergraduate degree in Computer Science Major, you can tell them how your interest about programming and computer begin, but you don’t have to tell them how did you buy your first computer because that does not relate to. So be focus, don’t tell a story that not relates to your scholarship application.

Be Personal

Since it is a very personal document so make sure, you give insight about yourself. Prove them that you are different from the rest of the applicants and your qualities, skills and qualifications make you suitable to win the program.

Even though there are plenty of motivation letters on the internet, do not copy them. Try to be the original, try to be present in the letter. Just remember don’t brag too much because you are not a Marvel superhero. Just to be you, the genuine and Positive you.

Be Professional Understand

Your letter appearance also take apart. Give your letter in professional format and style. The way it’s organized, the structure from the paragraph, font size, the length letter and grammar. Everything counts, so make sure you give your best since this Motivation Letter is a reflection of you.

Structure the Content

To help your letter be more focus, you have to arrange the structure of your content, so you know where your letter start and end. First paragraph is for introduction, second for the body, and the third is for the conclusion. In the first paragraph, you can start by introducing yourself,  your level of education and degree program. The paragraph should include any work experiences you have like internship or your volunteer experience. What did you get and discovered from there and tge impact you gave to them,  then you can suggest where your professionality will go in the next education.

Second body paragraph should explain why do you want to take that major, why it will be useful for you and your future. What kind of problem that can be solved if you take this education, and how can you help people around with it. 

Third body paragraph is for the future plan. What companies do you want to work after graduation. Or useful program do you want to develop and what happens to your mission if you take this education. if you take a bachelor degree where do you want to take your master degree.

Find Out What is Ideal

You have to convince them more than once. Why you are the ideal candidate for their program. Elaborate your strength, highlight your skill, list all your educational achievement prove them that you are the ideal candidate for them and what do they get if they give you the scholarship and what do they lose if they don’t.

It’s easier to become the ideal candidate if you know what they are looking for. Research the program, the letter should show a good fit between you and the program. If you are proposing for a Master Degree and your background education didn’t fit the program, that’s ok! As long as you can convince them that your presence can give a lot of value, and give them a different perspective so it can make the class discussion more interesting.

Proofreading is Important

It’s not only a spell check. Exchange your ideas with them, and you can also ask other people to read your letter then ask them if they can understand what you mean, do they feel your passion through your letter. And the most important thing is do they convinced by reading your letter?

After you asked people around you to read the letter then you can give yourself a break. After a couple day, read it again. Make sure you cut anything that doesn’t relate to your argument or the structure you have made.

Advice from Others

It is always a good idea to ask your friend, teacher or someone who have this kind of experience in giving advice for this letter. There are a lot of online groups or forums that could help you get in touch with student who has passed this step before. If they can do it, you can learn from them. But it doesn’t mean you have to copy their letter. Remember, be original.

A good motivation letter will be a success if you are willing to put your passion for your dream places in the program. Give it a time, make a plan about what will you say, write it, take a break then revise, until you are sure with it. Extra time will provide the best chance of success with your letter. All these tips will help you to write the article effectively but your personal touch and knowledge is what matter and makes the letter more different.

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