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How to Afford Studying Abroad

Many people vouch for the benefits of studying abroad. It is an entirely different experience from what you are normally used to, in addition to being beneficial in broadening your horizon and enriching your life in the long term.

For those exact reasons, it is a lifelong dream for many to study abroad. However, there is many perceived obstacles to it. In addition to language barrier, another issue that is deterring many people from seeking opportunities to study abroad is the question of whether or not they will be able to afford it.

We encourage anyone to dream big and aim high, thus here is our recommended tips on how you too, can afford to study abroad:

Find a scholarship

Finding a scholarship is perhaps the easiest way to score fund for studying abroad. These days, there is a vast variety of scholarships people can choose from that a) aligns with their interests; b) is suitable to their credentials.

One thing that people often believe when applying for scholarship that it is only for high achieving students. This thinking also leads to many being discouraged from applying for the fear of not being able to score a scholarship themselves.

The truth is, with the many available scholarships, there is going to be something for everyone. Even if you do not think that you are high achieving, you could still tailor and present your resume in a way that aligns with the criteria requested by the scholarship giver. And prior to applying, you could also prepare yourself by being active in your community or working to adorn your resume.

Start a fundraising campaign or seek sponsorship

Another way to fund studying abroad is by reaching out to others and being clear about your intentions. The first step is to seek sponsorship. Certain individuals or institutions are openly supportive of education by providing fund for those in need.

Write a letter stating your intentions along with your resume to institutions such as companies or could even start with your original place of education. Another option would be to start fundraising for your study abroad program.

Many people have successfully raised enough funds to study abroad by starting a campaign online through various fundraising websites.

Work (remotely)

If you have a skill, make sure you use it to your own benefit such as for making money while studying abroad. Even if you don’t have a particular skill, there is still plenty of work you could do both locally and remotely.

Design, language tutoring, writing are a few works you could do remotely that are also highly sought. You could also try to apply for work locally such as in the service industry to fund your studies.

Find an affordable destination

If you do insist on studying abroad with limited funds, perhaps consider affordable destinations that match with your budget. There is quality education in just about every country of the world, however the experience of living abroad on its own is perhaps more valuable.

Plenty of countries offer affordable even free education on top of low living cost. If you could restrict your budget, studying abroad without spending too much is possible.

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  1. My name is Edmond B. Margai from Sierra Leone West Africa I am presently working as a operational and process foreman for sunbird bioenergy sierra Leone, I an kindly asking you to help me further my studies overseas.

  2. TIRIMISIYU Abiodun Olajide

    I am Tirimisiyu Abiodun Olajide from Nigeria, I am presently working as a Computer Graphic Designer. I am also process University of Ilorin for my in Information and Communication Science, I am kindly asking you to help me further my studies overseas.

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