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How to Ace A Student Exchange Interview

Interview for a foreign exchange program is possibly the most stressful part of the selection process. Many people are simply not used to speaking in public. Fortunately for you, there is ‘hacks’ that you could apply next time you are coming for a student exchange program.

Here we have compiled a list of useful tips to help you prepare for your foreign exchange program interview!

Study Your Resume

Make sure you study your resume prior to the interview. The interviewers will most likely have read through your resume and will ask questions regarding the content. Be sure to have the contents memorized, as to prevent confusion when the topic of past qualifications come up. You will never know which part of your resume the interviewer will inquire about. While your resume is supposed to be short, try to support the contents with more lengthy facts and details during the interview.

Stay Composed

You want the student exchange program, and you want it badly. Unfortunately, that is what every other competitor has in mind as well. Let go of the tension by shifting your perspective of the interview Instead of seeing it as an exam, try to view it as a friendly conversation where the other person is trying to get to know you. This way, you will feel more comfortable talking about yourself. Additionally, let go of the pressure of needing to control everything. Go with the flow and be present. Even if you do not make it through, there is copious of similar student exchange opportunities.

Be Informed of the Country and Exchange Program

Prior to the day of the interview, dedicate time to study the foreign exchange program you are applying for, especially its visions and missions. It is more than likely to come up, also the fact that you will be able to answer the question is more than enough to make you not only seem prepared but actually driven. Additionally, it would also be of immense use for you to be informed about the country you are planning to go to. Find out basic facts such as capital city, language, main exports, etc.

Maintain Good Impression Before and After the Interview

Always present yourself well for an interview. This starts from the moment you walk into the room. Pick nicely fitted clothes that are clean and pressed prior to the interview. While being fashionable might look good, it is not necessarily a good idea to stand out. For women, minimize your accessories and do not go heavy on the makeup.

Carry yourself with manner, as shown in the way you speak as well as your body language. Stand straight, but not tense and try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Also answer every question as composed and professional as possible. Pick your words carefully and put appropriate pausing between sentences.

Lastly, once the interview is finished, thank the interviewers for their time. No need to go overboard with unnecessary flattery. Just a simple sincere thank you is enough to give the impression of well manners.

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