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Everything you need to Know about Studying in Australia

Australia remains among the top countries chosen by students from all over the world to study abroad. There is plenty of reasoning behind its popularity. Such as the laid-back nature of Australian culture, word-class education, and excellent quality of lifestyle.

Australia is a favorite for students applying for various majors, all equally standardized. If you are among the foreign students thinking about studying in Australia. Have a look at our guide on what to know prior to applying for studies there!

Application and Requirements

In general, to be accepted for studies in Australia you need to apply for 1) the designated institution; 2) student visa. Admission for universities in Australia can often be competitive as a result of its renowned education system thus you need to pick your institution accordingly.

Undoubtedly, the requested requirements will vary from universities in Australia. However the baseline you will need as a foreign student applying for study in Australia will include proof of high school completion as well as proficiency in English.

Australia, being popular among students from all over the country, recognizes multiple high school qualifications from various countries. Additionally, English proficiency tests that can be used for application include TOEFL, IELTS, and others depending on individual cases.


The excellent standards for its education as well as lifestyle makes Australia rated as the costliest destination for foreign students. According to a study conducted by HSBC, students studying in Australia spend up to $42,300 annually, putting Australia ahead of United States and Britain.

According to the study, while the study cost is comparable to the US which is also known for costly education, it is the living expense that puts Australia on the top of the list. The average tuition fee per year is 33,400 AUD. As for living cost, it varies from place to place with major cities like cities costing more.

The good news is, Australian government supports international students by granting them aid through multiple programs you can choose from. Among them for example Australia Awards, Women in Research Fellowship Program, and others. Another way to aid in your funding is by acquiring a job in Australia.

Luckily, with a student visa foreign students can work for a certain amount of time per week. Considering that the minimum wage in Australia is also high, this is an excellent idea.


Getting a student Visa for school is not complicated in Australia. However, if you are applying for a short program, you might not even need it and can come on a tourist visa instead.

To apply for a student visa in Australia you will need to submit a proof of residency. Which could be in the form of Confirmation of Enrollment letter provided by the school after you accept the offer and pay tuition.

Afterwards, you will apply online with the Australian embassy. Then, follow the usual visa application process as most other countries including providing additional documents such as birth certificate, bank statement, etc.

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