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Collegedunia $1000 Student Essay Scholarship 2020

Good news for Indian students in the USA! Collegedunia holds a competition of student essays which has $1000 as the prize for one winner.

The essay contains 200 words on “Why do you need this scholarship?”
It will be judged based on :

  • Inclusion of all asked details
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Formation
  • Creative Bent
  • How aptly you can answer the question
  • How crisp and convincing the write up is

So, make sure that your essay contains those criteria. Because if you fail to provide those details, you will be qualified.
You may want to read our article to guide you to make your essay here

The essay should be submitted before 20 September 2020 and the result will be declared on 1st November 2020.
Register yourself here:

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