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Scholarship KU Leuven Faculty of Science

Belgium is famous for medieval cities, gothic cathedrals, castles, diamonds, waffles, chocolates, and frites (fries).
Many universities in Belgium have a strong international outlook and composition, as well as a strong position in the international rankings.

One of top university in Belgium hosting scholarship for International student who want pursue their dream in KU Leuven.


10.000 euro for 1 year, and will be only continued in the next year if student had
outstanding results.


  1. Not studied or worked at the University of Leuven before.
  2. Not yet acquired a master degree or a PhD.
  3. Can prove a very strong knowledge of English.
  4. Had excellent study results.
  5. Motivation Letter

How To Apply

Applicants have to simply apply for the programme in here , and you can send your query here .


15 February 2019

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