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Using Body Language to Present your Best Self

Our day to day interaction is almost entirely based on non-verbal cues perhaps more than it is based on verbal cues. Eye contact, gesture, tone helps us deliver emotions as well as ideas.

Combined, they could help you win or lose interest from those around you. You can control how people perceive you from body language, which is incredibly important under certain settings like interviewing for a position or scholarship.

Thus, we encourage you to master your own body language in order to presenting your bests self. The goal would be eventually to present confidence that could assure your audience that you embrace and believe in the point you are delivering. Below are body languages you need to master:

Straight Posture

Straight posture helps you project confidence from the moment you enter the room. Your posture will be the first thing people notice about you. Standing straight in addition to making you seem more confident also helps you appear taller.

People who stand straight also are deemed more approachable. When standing, imagine a string being attached to the top of your head, fixating your gaze to the front. Also be sure to not look rigid by relaxing your shoulder.

This does not only apply to walking and standing still but also when conversing with people. Avoid leaning against objects especially when conversing with people as it may make you appear too comfortable or casual.

Eye Contact

A mistake many people make in social settings is avoiding eye contact, particularly when they are having conversation with other people. People get distracted by other objects or people in the room, feel the urge to check their phone which in result makes the other person feel less valued.

When having conversation, be present and maintain eye contact while occasionally nod to signify interest and approval. You want the other person to trust you and feel valued. Eye contact helps achieve all the above also making you seem trustworthy.

However, make sure your eye contact is also not too intense where you come off as staring intently as that could instead make your partner feel uncomfortable.

Mirror Body Language

When you are in a social setting, mirroring the body language of another person could foster closeness by signifying the two of you being on the same emotional wavelength.

Our body expresses thoughts and emotions through body language. Mirroring the body language of the other person allows you to be vulnerable and signifies acceptance. Mirroring body language also allows you to steer the focus towards you.


Handshakes are among the first few seconds you have to give the right impression to the other person. When you go on an interview for example, the image they have of you is built from the second you introduce yourself, including the way you shake their hands.

This is where they create judgment of you. Thus, practice your handshake accordingly to deliver the right message. You want to appear confident as if you have everything under control. You do not want to crush the other person’s hand, but you also do not want them to get a feeling of holding a dead fish.

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