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Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Resume

In the previous article we have written about resume writing tips for those wishing to apply for exchange student program. The resume is perhaps the most important part, since it will be the first impression people get of you. A well presented resume will differ you from competitors when applying to study abroad. However, as important as it is, resume writing for many comes with commonly made mistakes.

Below are the most common mistakes people make when writing their resume:

Unmatching Keywords

Most student exchange programs will detail in their requirements the qualifications they seek in applicants. Thus it is important for you to highlight achievements and experiences that represent them.

As impressive as your other qualifications may be, they will only become useless if not related to the field you are applying for, and even risk being overlooked by the screening committee. People often make the mistake of using the same resume to apply for various programs without tailoring it to meet the requirements asked by each program.

Grammar or Typing Error

While seemingly small, this is a very fatal mistake people make when writing their resume. Grammatical and typing error could be seen as recklessness and being inattentive towards details, two traits that many consider as major deal breakers.

This can be avoided easily by proofreading your resume repeatedly. Since you have been over your resume multiple times, it makes more sense to print it out and read it out loud to spot previously missed errors or have someone read it over.

Too Much Information

While it is important to be detailed, it is even more important to keep only the information that matter. Student exchange programs are flooded with applicants, those in charge of screening resume spend very little time studying each.

Too much information and the actually important parts could risk being missed, Keep your resume short but concise, only highlighting the qualifications you believe align with the study abroad mission.

Using Outdated Information

Keep your resume details as recent as possible. Do not overcrowd your resume with achievements dating way back more than necessary. Again, this goes back to keeping the content of your resume short and concise. Also various qualifications are time sensitive, make sure they are relevant to current demands. For example computer skills, be sure to be updated.

Using Overly Generalised Description

When detailing your achievements, be sure to give a clear idea of the skills you are trying to highlight. General adjectives are useless and obsolete in defining your capabilities. Describe your qualifications through numbers, awards, people managed, and the like. Actual facts can support your claim and actually make you look reliable as opposed to offering empty promises.

Not Having Outside Perspective

Always have someone read over your resume. What looks good to you might not look as good to someone else. They could also aid in identifying overlooked errors. More experienced party especially might give a more objective feedback on how you could best present yourself.

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