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How to Write a Resume when you don’t Have Many Experiences Yet

Your resume is the first step to getting your foot in the door, be it if you are looking for a job or applying for school. However, many people’s concern is that their resume is not attractive enough.

It could be because they perceive that the list of achievements they have under their belt is simply not sufficient. This could be particularly true for recent graduates or teenagers. However, there is ways to get around this issue by presenting yourself in the resume correctly.

While achievements are necessary in proving one’s credentials, there is also other factors employers use to determine if someone is the right candidate. Here is our guide to writing a resume with minimal experience:

Don’t Make up Achievements on your Resume

The golden rule of writing a resume, any resume, is to never lie about any past achievements or skills. When applying for a job, it might be tempting to lie in order to add credentials, but trust us when we tell you that this is an absolutely wrong move, and definitely not worth the risk.

Not only could it potentially ruin your professional reputation, it could also force you to lie more in order to cover up. While experiences and achievements are important in the beginning, employers also appreciate curiosity and good work ethic in potential employees.

Instead of lying. Make a point regarding your willingness to work hard, learn, and improve through your work.

Turn Responsibilities into Achievements

In your past experiences you have responsibilities that you could turn into achievements. You might have performed well in your designated responsibilities, and this too, could be considered a form of achievement on its own.

For example in a school event you were responsible for managing large groups of people, then you could frame this as an achievement as well by highlighting your people’s skills.

Taylor your Resume According to the Position you are Applying for

One common mistake people make when they write their resume is use the same content and template for every application they make. Most of the times, companies do not filter for a candidate who is smartest or most impressive, but instead for a candidate that is most suitable for the opening.

Read the description for every job you are applying for and try to adjust your resume content accordingly. Try to identify what is most essential for the company or position that you are applying for. In your resume, you would like to present yourself as being able to align with the company’s vision.

Additionally, you might be tempted to add as many points as possible to make your resume to impress, but remember unless they are relevant to the qualifications needed, you are only wasting your time and energy.

Lastly, have someone else read over your resume prior to submitting. Insights from an outsider could help take notice of errors or inconsistencies you overlooked while writing your resume.

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