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Tips on Becoming More Confident

We always hear people attributing confidence to their success. A lot of us go straight to imagining confidence as relating to how we interact with other people. While this is not entirely wrong, confidence has as much to do with how we relate with ourselves as it does with how we relate with others.

Confidence at the very base stems from our ability to be content with ourselves and trust our own ability in handling challenges. Confidence, not to be mistaken with blind arrogance, is a driving force for success.

Unfortunately, a lot of people judge themselves lacking in it. If you feel like you need to improve your confidence, then the following tips might aid you:

Present Yourself Well

While confidence comes from within, external affirmation can help enhance it. One of the instant ways to improve confidence is by becoming more attractive in appearance. You might want to look into your grooming, upgrade your closet, or experiment with new hairstyles.

Improving one’s appearance can drastically make them become more approachable, thus resulting in perceiving oneself with a more positive light. Equally important to appearance is carrying yourself with the right manners as it too could contribute to your overall attractiveness.

Identify your Thoughts

Lacking in confidence can be caused by self-depreciating thoughts we carry with ourselves. People make mistakes all the time, but they widely vary in the way people handle them. If you catch yourself having negative thoughts, immediately identify where they come from.

Do not resist them, or try to bury them as they will always manifest elsewhere when you are not expecting them. Accept your thoughts as mere thoughts and realize that they are not reality.

Work on your Competence

Increase your faith in yourself by working on your competence. People who are lacking confidence are often fearful of trying things for the sole reason of being afraid they are incapable.

However, the only way you can find out is by trying out yourself. Limitations are often imaginary, and even if they are not can be constantly stretched. You will be surprised at how much more capable you are than you think once your boundaries have been overcome.

Live by your Principles

Principles act like compass that guide us from within. While nobody is entirely sure of what they are doing in life, does not mean that you have to wander aimlessly.

Living one’s life according to principle will give them direction and a sense of purpose. In essence, your principles should guide you towards betterment while avoiding useless endeavors.

Spread Positivity

Similar to improving your appearance, acting positive can also help enhance confidence through external affirmations. Acts of kindness and generosity is scientifically proven in increasing one’s sense of worth through the recognition for others.

However, even if no one is giving you credit for the deeds, the satisfaction coming from bringing joy to others can be equally satisfying. People who think and act positive are more likely to attract others and as a result help boost your self-confidence.

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