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Bad Habits you need to Drop Right Now

Every day we strive to be better, that is the mentality everyone needs to improve their lives. Adding habits essential to enrich one’s life is one thing, but just as important is getting rid of habits that are potentially harmful to one’s life is also key to self-improvement. Below are some habits you might not realize do not serve you in the long run.

Sleeping too Much or not Enough

Common knowledge that sleeping is essential to one’s well-being. Sufficient sleep hours are tied to one’s ability to think and function on a daily basis. Not getting enough sleep can hinder brain function and in the long run severely damage your health.

Several triggers to this can be due to overconsumption of caffeine and inadequate environment conditioning such as too much light or poor hygiene. On the contrary, getting too much sleep is also unhealthy as it increases risk of diabetes and cardio related diseases. Both sleeping deprivation and not getting enough sleep can be caused by depression, which is something you need to lookout for.

Ideally, an adult needs eight hours of sleep. To get the maximum benefit of sleeping, practice conditioning by maintaining an ideal environment. This includes reducing screen time prior to sleeping, dimming lights, and keeping hygiene. Try to go to bed and wake up at a regular time for your body to function properly. Also, you will realize by waking up earlier you will be more productive during the day.


Limits only exist in your head. And that is true. The brain is conditioned to avoid situations that are uncomfortable. There is a five second time span between making a decision and acting against it, when the brain decides that the situation could potentially bring discomfort.

There is a difference between action rationally and being pessimistic. When making a decision, any decision, be comfortable with it and own it. Even if you end up failing at least there will be a lesson to be drawn from it instead of learning nothing. Eventually, there will always be a split chance of succeeding and failing, both you will only find out if you actually take the plunge and act up on your decision.

Wasting Time on Short Term Pleasures

Oh the distractions we encounter on our day to day lives! Social media, partying, eating unhealthy are few of the most common short term pleasures we turn to. Wasting time on short term pleasures can be rewarding after having achieved goals like weight loss or self-discipline.

However, keep in mind that short term pleasures only act as temporary distraction from other issues, hence it is important to address what they might be before indulging in these distractions. Constantly turning to distractions can indicate unresolved issues within ourselves such as poor self-control, dissatisfaction, depression, and the like.

Thus, when you find the urge to indulge; try to identify what you are trying to distract yourself from and instead turn to more productive activities. While this might not be easy, you will find yourself becoming used to it, and in the long run more satisfied with yourself.

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