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6 Ways To Get Inspiration

If you’re stuck or uninspired while doing something. Well, you’re not the only one, because a lot of people would feel this way too whether you want to write a story, paint a picture, or work through a problem. 

For most of us, creativity often feels like it’s lurking just around the corner and it’s hard to reach it. To a good extent, you have to let creativity and inspiration come to you. In this article I will give you some tips to dig your creativity so you can make your work better. 

1. Read or Watch Something

Read anything from novels to news stories, and you may find an idea or even just a sentence in the text sparks inspiration for you, such as discovering your question on Quora. It might help you to gain new ideas from some experienced people around the world. You may also watch some inspirational talks like TEDtalk or watch movies, those will help you to expand your ideas. 

2. Have Quiet Time

Sit and meditate, just be mindful for a moment. Be alone with yourself. Concentrate on your breath, and you may find inspiration comes to you instead of the other way around.

Realize that there are just some times in life when you won’t feel very inspired. It’s OK to spend the day in your sweats, couch- and web-surfing, and just relax. Maybe it is cold and gray outside, or perhaps too hot even to move. An occasional day off shouldn’t detract you from achieving your goals.

3. Take a trip

Traveling someplace, anyplace, can shake up your thinking, creating space for new ideas. You don’t have to travel to a new country. A simple day trip to a nearby town is often enough to get your creative juices flowing. You may also try to visit new cafe or restaurants, try new atmosphere with new cuisine. 

4. Brainstorm with free association or free writing. 

Clearing your head by brainstorming can help you come up with new ideas when you’re stuck. Free writing is a method of brainstorming where you write down ideas on paper. Start with a topic, and just write down whatever comes to mind.

This tips will help you to turn off the part of your brain that wants to edit. Just let your mind go, and don’t judge as it comes up with thoughts and ideas.

5. Exercise 

Engaging your body in physical exertion gives you a chance to focus on something besides getting inspired. Focusing on the task of working out gives your brain something to do. However, you’ll still be subconsciously working on the issue, and inspiration may break through.

6. Meet Up With Friends or People Who Has The Same Interest

Sometimes, just being around other people who have the same creative interests as you can help spark ideas. You can talk about your project and see what people think or just have interesting conversations about more general topics, which can also spark inspiration

When someone wants to make their work better, or make a new concept or improve their result from their work, some people tend to seek inspiration but most of us get stuck and force our brain to think instead of letting our mind be more peaceful and calm first. 

By doing those tips above, I do hope you can find inspiration and make your work more brilliant. If you have any idea or if you have your own experience on how to find inspiration, let me know and share it to other people by commenting on the comment section below ;).

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